Muhammad Ali’s Three Lessons for Success

Athletes are a great source of inspiration because they combine courage with perseverance and they manage to overcome setbacks. Muhammad Ali is one of the most inspiring.

In general, entrepreneurs have a lot of confidence. Presidents, pilots, professional athletes, and more broadly all those who exercise adrenaline trading share this trait. It is this confidence that allows them to overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable to the rest of the population. However, this confidence is not innate, you have to work hard to get it. Think of Mohammed, Ali was afraid to fight Soni Liston. Where most people were paralyzed by fear, he overcame it to defeat his opponent. It is the same fear that guides him, drives him forward, inspires him. How to move forward when you know fear and uncertainty? These are the three texts of Muhammad Ali, the “Greatest”.

Always remember to prepare

Despite his fears, Ali was an incredible athlete and he knew it. He trained very hard long before he became famous: “I used to hate every minute of my workout, but I always told myself to never give up. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”.

The situation is no different for an entrepreneur. The road has often been long and difficult for you. In the face of difficulty, never forget that you are prepared, it could be the books you read, your past talks experience, your training etc. Anyway, you have learned many things before facing these difficulties, it is important not to forget it so as not to feel helpless.

Always keep your successes in mind

As an entrepreneur, you have certainly experienced many successes. Before facing Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali had several successes, including a gold medal at the Olympics.

It is important to remember her successes and how difficult some situations seemed at the time. Difficulties can be overcome only by this state of mind. You have surely cleared many exams that seemed impossible to you, so don’t be afraid to fail: “He who is not brave enough to take risks will achieve nothing in life.”

focus on solution

You’re free to cry whatever you want in the locker room, but once you’re in the ring, your focus should be on solving the problem, especially the solution. Focusing on the solution and not the problem is crucial. Too many people focus on negative scenarios, what might happen if they fail. The more you allow your imagination to dwell in bad scenarios, the more paralyzed you become. Deal is the same for entrepreneurs, the first step is to say that the problem needs to be solved. Then, you’ll have to focus your imagination on possible solutions so that one of them can naturally emerge: “He who has no imagination has no wings.”

Muhammad Ali’s will was impeccable, if you want to keep the odds in your favor in your entrepreneurial projects then it must be the same with you. Entrepreneurship is like a fight, you have to get in the ring and not be afraid, it is a permanent battle: “If you want to win, your will will never waver, your faith will never waver. You must never stop fighting.”. Great athletes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, and Muhammad Ali in particular, perhaps the best boxer of all time: “Nothing is impossible, only an excuse given by those who find it easier to live in the world, than to find within themselves the strength to change.”


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