Most Profitable Sports Franchises

Managed under the legal status of SASP in France, considered the behemoth in the world of Atlantic and continental football, the latter being the most popular sport on the planet, companies involving sports teams are often models of profitability. The interest of these companies does not stop at the field and ordinary players: it goes far beyond its financial stability. Therefore the relationship between financial success and sporting success is not always established.

prestigious magazine every year Forbes Lists Most Profitable Sports Franchises on Earth, It is no surprise to see that the best players on earth in their respective sports, and often the highest paid, are part of these numbers. And more than a drawback, these exorbitant salaries typically represent added value and a well-considered investment by boards and other boards of directors. Which are the most profitable sports franchises in the world?

Caption: Stadium of the highest profit making sports franchise in the world — © Pixabay, CC0

The Different Relationship Between Football and American Sports

In the United States and more generally on the North American continent, the playing system still favors closed leagues, in which franchises are guaranteed to exist year after year, preventing financial leeway and allowing teams at lower tiers. Enough to reinforce hopes for the future around. In Europe, generally and regardless of sport, considerations for sport equity with a system of ascent/descent between championships abound., In the event of a bad season, a team may find itself in great financial difficulty, for example, the absence of significant television rights, no access to continental competition, or decreased sales.

Such an interpretation proves several things in just the cited rankings. In the United States, a franchise is particularly profitable for its popularity and what it represents in the local media space. A little sportingly celebrated, the Cowboys, Yankees and Knicks franchise still occupies the first three spots in the world., An unimaginable thing for European football clubs who attribute their appearances only to repeated appearances and often achieved major titles., Thus, Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid close out the March of the Top 5, perhaps thanks to a model focused on winning the game at all costs. A model that has its flaws, but which, within the European sport, appears to be working in the medium term.

On top of that, these clubs, like FC Bayern Munich (10.)th Forbes ranking), leaders in this field, are investing in the economy of tomorrow. This is probably the eSport in the football world that these clubs are running towards at the moment.

Sometimes managed like real companies listed on a stock exchange, the other members of this ranking are also no strangers to such progress…


#1 – Dallas Cowboys

In 2021, the Texas franchise was estimated to be worth $5.7 billion. Despite yet another disappointment in the playoffs this season, it’s a safe bet that Jerry Jones’ team has gained value once again this new year. The strength of the American system!

#2 – New York Yankees

In MLB, the professional baseball league, the salary cap And budget differences are not as tightly controlled as in other American leagues, which can make a real difference in performance and fairness over many years. As popular as possible, the Yankees franchise ($5.25 million) takes advantage of such ambivalence in the U.S. landscape to continue to attract the best players and, at times, happily pay them, far more than the market. Gives more suggestions.

Like Alex Rodriguez at the time, the Yankees historically pay their players more than any other team — © Pixabay, CC0

A tactic of financial assault, which, however, has not allowed the New York players to win the title since their coronation in 2009.

#3 – New York Knicks

Another “Big Apple” franchise, the Knicks have also been a customer of places of honor in the American Basketball League, the NBA, for several seasons. Lack of major sports success that doesn’t prevent a consortium-led company from being particularly profitable ($5 billion), Highlighting each match, the team remains a huge opportunity for all the sponsors. and their lucrative contracts.

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