Livi strengthens its mental health center with experts

Telemedicine has developed strongly in recent years. Livi is one of the websites that have aired with over 4 million consultations by qualified health professionals registered with the Order of Physicians and 95% of patients have been helped. All you have to do is describe your symptoms to quickly receive an appointment, diagnosis and prescription, all secured on a secure server.

need expressed by patients

If telemedicine has grown so much, it is mainly because it has become easier to make appointments. It used to take days to get an appointment and this becomes even more true when we are talking about specialists who had to wait for several months at times. Another point we rarely talk about but which is not unimportant: the waiting rooms are often full. So it was often necessary, when you were in poor health, to wait your turn in a closed space among many people suffering from contagious diseases. It was not uncommon to feel bad at the thought of contaminating a neighbor or even not being sure of being in the right place due to the absence of pre-diagnosis.

Presence of new solutions like Livi

From now on, you can quickly get an appointment with a health professional, whether we are talking about a general practitioner or a consultation with a psychiatrist, on the same day.

Availability is extended by possible consultations 7 days a week, in this case from 7am to midnight, even during public holidays or holidays. Now you can take your appointment with a health professional over video through your mobile or your computer. Simply send the pictures to your doctor to help with the diagnosis.

To make an appointment, nothing could be simpler: just let yourself be guided by the site and you will have an online appointment in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is describe your symptoms from a comprehensive list of supported conditions and seek medical attention from a doctor of your choice. If telemedicine is also so successful, it is because it allows you to contact many specialties: general practitioners, psychologists, pediatricians and many other medical specialists who are present on these sites…

additional services

Another valuable additional service, before your consultation you receive a message reminding you of your appointment time as it approaches.

You can also access your information that is recorded on a secure and approved “Health Data” server to guarantee medical privacy. Depending on the diagnosis, you can easily obtain an online prescription that is valid in pharmacies and you can access it at any time as well as your work schedules and other documents directly in the application. Also present your history of your consultations and the possibility to communicate with your doctor through a single location.

Also a significant plus is the possibility of paying for a consultation by credit card or Apple Pay directly on the application.

Telemedicine is on the rise.

It must be said that since the pandemic, which has put enormous strain on hospitals and medical practices, telemedicine has been met with genuine enthusiasm. If doctors were skeptical or cautious before the health crisis, many of them have changed the way they provide care to patients, especially as these new practices allow for faster care while reducing risk, so that Vulnerable patients and the medical profession can be protected. ,

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