Instagram Story: 6 Best Practices for Successful Ads

400 million people use Instagram Stories every day. 33% of the most viewed stories are published by brands or companies. What explains the success of these stories? The fact that videos last 5 times longer than still images attracts the attention of users.
Have you ever thought of creating an ad in this format to optimize your visibility with your target? Here’s everything you need to know about creating Instagram Stories ads that convert!

Instagram Ads

Given the success of the Instagram social network, it should come as no surprise that managers are opening doors for advertisers to offer by offering paid advertising options.

Among other things, we get an Instagram business account, which gives companies the opportunity to provide information about their structures and help them communicate with prospects. Sponsored stories are an integral part of brand marketing strategy along with statistical analysis to help optimize their actions.

If you want to get started with Instagram sponsored stories, here’s how:

Instagram Promoted Story: Terms

To get started, and to set up your Insta Story ad, you’ll need an Instagram account and a Facebook page. Actually, Facebook has become the owner of Instagram since 2012. It gives you the option to use both networks independently or by linking your accounts.

To find the settings for Instagram ads, you’ll need to go to the “Settings” menu on the Facebook business page.

For sponsored ads on Instagram, you’ll also need to go to the Facebook business page’s settings or the “Promotions” tab of Instagram.

You have the possibility to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Different types of Instagram stories

There are 3 possible ad formats for your ads:

This type of story is created from an expressive picture that is representative of the brand or event being highlighted. Avoid including too much text, as it may not be readable quickly. A photo, a few words and a “call to action”.

Videos are used more and more, as they are very popular among Internet users. Several formats are available: 15 second snapshots and slightly longer videos: 60 seconds.

With video, you can tell a story. This is a plus compared to the fixed image.

Carousel allows you to create ads with multiple images. Internet user can drag and move from one image to another. You can put up to 4 pictures. It is also a way to tell a story, but also to give more detail about a product, for example. It is possible to add a short video to your carousel.

Instagram ad campaign goals

To be successful in your Instagram advertising strategy, it’s important to ask yourself what its purpose is. If you have already set up ads on Facebook, the concept will be easy to understand.

So you should define your goal to pursue one of the objectives proposed by Instagram:

  • develop brand awareness
  • Increase website click-through rate
  • Talk about an application and develop interactions
  • increase video watch rate
  • Develop interactions on your profile
  • Increase website conversions.

Instagram Promoted Stories: How To Do It?

There’s no secret to an Instagram sponsored story, it’s time to set up your first campaign. This way

insert instagram ad

If you’ve ever created ads on Facebook, it all sounds pretty simple. Otherwise, follow the guide.

You have the option to create your ad from Facebook or directly on Instagram:

from facebook

You’ve linked your Instagram account to Facebook so you can access the Create Ads tool from your Facebook Page.

After defining your goals, naming your campaign, choosing a goal, and choosing your budget, you can design your ad with an image, video, carousel, and text.

In the “Preview” part, you have to select the Instagram option.

This preview area gives you the ability to choose placements for your ad. It is recommended that you place your Insta Story ad on both Facebook and Instagram. You can of course choose to have it on only one network.

You can use power editor tool which gives possibility to create ads on Facebook. It is interesting to create multiple sponsored stories at the same time.

Next, use Facebook’s Ads Manager to view and analyze the performance of your Instagram ads.

from instagram

You have the possibility to create your own sponsored stories directly on Instagram thanks to the professional account. You will then be able to launch your video stories, photos or carousels through the application.

On the app, log in to your Instagram account, you will access Instagram Ads Manager by clicking “Promote”. You can then create your own ads directly and simply from your mobile phone.


Creating your ads on Instagram is very fast, but you don’t have the same possibilities as Facebook Ads Manager. Despite the fact that Instagram gives you the option to post multiple ads at once, Power Editor on Facebook is easy to use.

Choice of “call to action” options

Whatever the purpose of your Instagram Promoted Story, it’s essential to put a CTA (call to action) button. This is what will allow your campaign to generate the desired link, you have one of the following options:

  • learn more
  • show more
  • buy now
  • reserve now
  • register
  • Contact.

choose your target group

If Instagram offers an option to automatically define a target group corresponding to your activity zone, it is recommended to set it yourself. In fact, no one else but you knows better what the best goal will be for the campaign you’re setting up.

Then you choose the interests of your target. You have the possibility to choose from 4 to 10 per target group.

Let’s take an example: You run a restaurant, and you want to highlight the redesigned website so that it can be viewed by as many people as possible. The objective is always the same: to attract a future customer. The choice of centers of interest should revolve around your area of ​​activity, its location…: depending on the city in which your restaurant is located, lovers of the culinary arts, the type of food…

Establish ad duration and budget

It is up to you to decide how much budget you want to have in total.

Once you have selected the target group, Instagram will give you the estimated reach of your sponsored story. You are then given the price for one day. You choose the number of days you want your ad to run for.

Once everything is set up, you can launch your sponsored insta ad.

Best practices for Instagram ads

Using Instagram to promote your brand, company or product is a must today. It is still necessary that your ads are run in such a way as to enhance your brand image, and achieve your objective. Here are 6 best practices for Instagram ads:

work on the first second of the story

Photo ads are 5 seconds long, while video ads display up to 15 seconds. Do you want the user to see your ad in its entirety and click on the link? In order to make a decision to take action as quickly as possible, it is essential that the public understands the message of your ad from the very first second.
You have to engage the user with strong visuals, engage them with a clear message and then drive them to action.

Create a short and direct message

Your main message should be short, concise and direct. In an Instagram Stories ad, a “Sponsored” label appears in the upper left corner of your post to indicate that your post is an ad. This means that once people know it’s an ad, they’re even more likely to close or leave your story.
Your message is sure to attract them before they even notice the mention!

Create a sense of uniqueness in your ads

You know what consumers love? exclusive! They want offers reserved for certain privileged or limited editions. This is human nature. We are always more interested in something that is rare, unique and available only at short notice.
To encourage sales, emphasize the exclusive, limited, and special side of your offer. Create a sense of urgency to engage Instagram users in impulsive purchases.

Embed your brand logo in your stories

If your goal is to improve your brand awareness, display your logo or company name clearly. Don’t forget that you are about to reach a new audience, they must remember your name exactly in order to be more sensitive to your next ads or publications.

Start a conversation in Instagram Story

To give your target feedback, ask them a question. By questioning him, you encourage him to respond by “swiping” (to open a link), following your account, or sending you a private message. The objective is to provide feedback to the most mature prospects so that they can be explored and supported until purchase.

Design natural ads for stories

Your ad should match the nature of the organic stories Instagram users see every day. Be sure to create story-specific ads to maximize your impact: adopt a vertical format, engaging animations, bright colors, and natural staging. Make captions as short as possible to make room for the main message and call-to-action.
Instagram Stories ads are a great way to communicate with potential customers. This is one of the few formats that instantly grabs your target’s attention. Additionally, you can configure them very easily from Facebook’s Business Manager and take advantage of tons of statistics to analyze the impact of your campaigns.

Our tip for your Instagram stories

When you set up an advertising campaign on Instagram, you have the opportunity to analyze its performance over time. This is an important step because it allows you to correct the course. In fact, if you notice that reach hasn’t developed enough, that the “call to action” isn’t used as you intended, you can modify your campaign to improve the performance of your Sponsored Story. Huh.
For even more powerful ads, find an Instagram community manager specializing in advertising at

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