How to relaunch a brand or product?

All companies may face the risk of one day that their brand or product no longer meets the enthusiasm of consumers as environmental and technology changes and sometimes bad word of mouth lead the consumer to make other choices. Some tips for relaunching a brand or product.

How to do ?

It seems clear that creating a new product requires a certain investment, so it is better to move the brand or product faster.

The positive point is that your brand is etched in the memory of your consumers. Actually, it is related to their memories. You can surf on this nostalgia. Hence it will be essential to do a detailed analysis of their memories and associations to be able to bounce them back and give a new lease of life to your brand. In times of crisis, consumers move closer to being a part of their universe and hence older brands reassure them. Yet be careful to study carefully whether the brand does not have negative capital due to the business that could fuel the press for several months!

But they should also be linked to current trends such as those for the protection of the planet. In this way you can breathe new life into them by placing your values ​​of respect for nature at the center of the communication: biodegradable for example.

bring the brand back to life

Your challenge is to bring your brand or product up to date before you sink into despair. Who would have thought that the bike would become the star of the streets of Paris and that Paris would turn its streets into cycle paths that would allow you to criss-cross the capital! On the other hand, you always have to think about environmental constraints. For example, if the brand is expensive in energy, it is a question of highlighting the fact that it respects the new criteria that meet the consumers’ adherence.

communicate and always communicate

We have to revive the brand in the minds of the consumers and for that we have to enter their imagination and satisfy their needs or create new ones. Then we have to talk about the brand again. The real purpose of communication is to mark a difference in comparison to competing brands and products. Thus, the consumer will retain the brand on the one hand because he will be assured of finding himself on familiar ground, and on the other hand for the innovative side of the new products introduced (even if it is only a new packaging for existing products). ). Using social networks and influencers to communicate is one of the imperatives of today.

two examples


In 1965 Léon Claude Duhamel created a garment in nylon, colourful, waterproof and unisex. “In Case of Rain” becomes K-way to give it an American sound. This vintage outfit worn by Sophie Marceau Party40 years ago is back in fashion with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker or Lady Gaga and also thanks to Danny Boone and his stripper sketches.


Polaroid launches the Polaroid Z2300 which merges digital and instant photography. It allows users to save photos as digital files and print them instantly.
With innovation like this, Polaroid balances its nostalgic spirit with modern technology and opens its audience much wider.

Florian Kaps, an Austrian entrepreneur, cannot bring himself to accept this disappearance and takes over the factory with two partners. The Project Is A Little Crazy, So They Baptize It impossible project, After more than ten years, impossible project Rebirth.

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