How to make video games for computer?

You are crazy about video games and you want to learn how make a video game on PC for personal or commercial use.

Know that there are many tools available today to facilitate the creation and publication of video games on any type of platform.

From idea to design, here are the important steps to take to achieve your pc video game creation goal.

Plan to make video games on pc

Pc video game plans are being designed before a single line of code is written. Before starting it is necessary to express material needs, supports, human needs.

skills to make a video game

Creating a video game requires a number of skills. These includevideo game screenwritingCreation of artistic environment, design, different levels of play, programming, etc. So you should identify all the essential skills that you have and which you should delegate or outsource.

If development isn’t your strong point, you might consider creating a PC video game based on a template and adapting it into your own unique artistic field.

Conceptualize the making of your video game

Creating a design brief is essential. This tool allows you to accurately describe all the details of your game. For example it may include everything related to the course of the game such as the plot or the various scripts.

Design file for building a pc video game There is a kind of guide to determine the entire process you need to follow in order to achieve the set objective.

Choose a Video Game Engine

The tool you choose will become the backbone of your future video games. From graphics to coding, this software will handle all the tasks. There are many game engines available in the market.

  • Unity: Unity Very popular. It is often used to create 3D games and does not require much learning in terms of programming language.
  • Unreal Engine: more complete and advanced than Unity, unreal engine Known for its beautiful graphics. However, its use will require some development knowledge.
  • GameMaker Studio: gamemaker studios is a 2D game engine that requires no coding knowledge. However, you cannot create 3D games with Game Maker Studio.
  • Godot: Godot is a free and open-source game engine. It provides a variety of tools for 2D and 3D games. It has a strong community. Since it’s open-source, there are no subscription fees or royalties for the games you develop.

software for better design

You have chosen a game engine, but it will probably require additional tools for better rendering. These tools include programming languages, specific programs for graphic design, or even 3d modeling software,

As mentioned earlier, some game engines do not require special programming skills. However, knowing how to develop is an important skill and will take you far in your game design.

If you do not have this knowledge, calling independent video game developer is the best solution. He will know programming languages ​​used in video games which include Vs , c++ , Java Where Python, Furthermore, he will provide you with an expert view and give you advice based on his experience in the field.

make a video game

Now that you’ve defined all of your requirements, it’s time to move on to the more operational part of your project. Here are the steps involved in producing your video game, from planning to publishing.

plan your project

before starting video game designMaking a list of all the tasks to be completed is wise and even necessary. A timeline with task descriptions, estimated duration for each, and a milestone as a goal will help you tremendously in visualizing the progress of your project.

But beyond that, it also allows you to spot any difficulties you may have encountered and see the impact of the resulting delay. Gantt chart The best-known tool is for project planning, but you can easily create your own in a spreadsheet.

Either way, always allow some wiggle room in terms of timing. In any type of project, and especially for anything approaching development build a video game on pcYou should know that as a precaution, you should always add 50% of the best delay.

build beta version

The stage of creation has finally come. You should start with a simple prototype that brings together the main features of the video game. This is what is called in video game development,” minimum viable product “. with this the first version of your video gameYou can start testing it.

This way you will discover possible aspects of the game that are not as you expected and that just need some small modifications for optimal gaming experience.

That way, you’ll have a solid foundation to continue on. Develop Your Video Games On PC,

Create Your Video Game Assets

after test Prototype your video game, you now have a vision of what the final version of your pc video game will be like. So you can think about creating all the elements that will make up your game in detail. These are called video game assets. They can take the form of a 3D animation, a sound effect, a character model.

All of these media are developed individually and then imported into the game. It should be noted that they can be used, especially when the game has a sequel.

Some game engines offer to purchase these items and then import them directly into your game. custom video gamesThe property is developed by A freelance web developer is the best solution.

Test Your Video Games on PC

That’s all Testing phase of your video game has come ! It’s full of lessons, as you’ll discover everything that works and what remains to be improved for an excellent gaming experience.

This step is essential and should not be done by yourself or by someone whose objectivity is biased. for that, you need Find Playtestersie say casual players or not and who help you to improve it by evaluating it. You should be attentive to everything that happens during this full scale testing phase:

  • At launch, don’t explain the game, but let Playtester find out. If he finds himself stuck or finds himself in a misunderstanding, you can give him some clarifications. This lets you see which areas of the game need instructions so you can clear them up to avoid wasting players’ time.
  • playtester comments are very important. They will tell you what they like and what is boring or annoying to them.
  • The order of comments they give tells you what is important to them and what is secondary. You need to be open and don’t get discouraged by negative comments. The purpose of this stepImprove Your Video Games on PC And no product is 100% perfect by design.
  • fill a Survey with rating level on a series of questions that you determine in advance. This can provide you with a database to rely on.

publish your video game

You have achieved your goal: to create a video game on PC. And finally it’s time to publish! So you need to find a platform that distributes it for download.

There are many platforms for Distribute Your Pc Video Games Online as Steam Where, The latter provides an opportunity for independent video game makers to broadcast their first game online. Professionals are also present on this site.

Before anything else and whatever platform you choose, make sure you are aware of the site’s own quality control and terms for broadcasting your video games on PC.

Our Trick to Boost Your Video Games on PC

Before your game launches, and to get it known, you need to generate buzz. Creating a website and promotional trailer are great ways to do this. Publish or talk about your game on social networks indie game websites Also a good solution.

For this and by submitting your project for free blogbusiness.xyzYou are guaranteed quality support with the best freelance pc game developers, They will bring to you their experience, their skills, their advice, and know how to take your project from idea to design of your pc video game.

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