How to choose your employment portage company?

More than 57% of freelancers say they don’t make enough money to fulfill their dreams. 54% of them believe that they are not paid on time. Even though the self-employed position remains attractive in terms of flexibility and self-management, it does not enjoy the same benefits as an employee.

However, there is a mode of operation that combines the benefits of the two positions: Pay Portage!

The freelance (or paid employee) finds the assignments and negotiates the terms of the contract with the client. He then puts the latter in touch with his portage company which sets up the various organizational elements to conduct the mission.

Then, the salary portage company issues the invoice and, finally, takes care of all the administrative and financial steps to remunerate the freelancer as salary and not as a fee. Various terms are negotiated through an employment contract.

So, do you want to associate with any portage company? and Umalis have listed 6 elements to check before making your choice!

1. Profession Supported by the Company

In France, there are over 100,000 paid workers. This figure is expected to rise to 600,000 by 2025. But each employee portage company has its own specialty!

Of course, there are generalist companies… Still, it is advisable to associate with a company that specifically knows your core business.

For example, if you are a developer, project manager, web marketer… make sure you connect with a company specializing in supporting IT consultants such as Umalis. She will be more attentive to you, will understand your job related issues and will be able to offer services that are in line with the IT missions you undertake on a daily basis.

2. Salary Portage Company Seniority

“For well-born souls, the value does not wait for the number of years” … an expression that is not valid in wage portage!

The wage portage sector requires mastery in administrative machinery, good reputation and financial stability. This last point is essential, as you delegate your business activity (and therefore your profits) to the company of salary portage with which you engage. Hence it is important to be able to avail the total salary advance every month.

Experience is therefore a determining element in your choice.

For example, the umbrella company Umalis has been in existence since 2008 and supports about 130 IT consultants. A solid expertise that makes it a trusted partner for web freelancers.

Another important element: You should also ensure that the umbrella company provides you with professional civil liability commensurate with the advisory profile. This is what guarantees you a job with peace of mind.

3. Payment of applicable wages and fees

It touches on one of the fascinating elements of veg portage. The law defines a minimum wage for port, up to 77% of the monthly Social Security limit, or 2,591 euros for the full-time equivalent.

Your PEO company should guarantee you this remuneration, but also give you the possibility to receive a salary advance like an employee. In the face of unpaid situations, it should be able to pay you your remuneration.

Other elements to check: Applicable charges. Scandals have plagued the portage industry recently, with companies applying fancy rates or charging their employees false fees.

To avoid this risk, you should be aware of all management fees and covered business expenses incurred by the company. It should be able to convert your turnover into net income. Never hesitate to ask for details of the charges applied and to do a preliminary simulation.

To avoid surprises and manage your activity as much as possible, a company like Umalis offers an online management platform. You know, in real time, your financial situation, you can contact the team in case of queries and also send your expense reports through this tool.

Convenient for consultants who are often on the go!

4. Offering Social and Financial Benefits

A wage portage company allows you to go beyond a simple change in salary to your invoices. It assures you:

  • unemployment insurance
  • future and mutual
  • social Security
  • business expenses deductible from ca
  • Accumulation of unemployment benefits with income from pay portage

and that’s not all ! You can enjoy other benefits such as:

  • an external work council, holiday vouchers, gift vouchers
  • A Company Savings Plan (PEE) and Group Retirement Savings Plan (PERCO)
  • complementary health
  • A company car: Umalis is also the first Veg portage company to offer this service in France.
company car

5. Support

Adopting a wedge portage position does not exempt you from your free will. However, the company can bring added value to your activity, especially if you are a novice!

Many companies provide individual or group support in the form of coaching, training, networking events, etc. These meetings help you develop and update your skills to stay competitive in the market and find jobs more easily.

6. Possibility of long term relationship of salary portage with their company

As an employee, you should have a quality and long-term relationship with your employment agency. The aim is to stay there as long as possible (or even until the end of your activity).

For example, Umalis is the only salary portage company that offers the possibility of acquiring shares to reward the loyalty of its employees. Listed in the stock market since 2014, you are not only an employee, but you can also become a shareholder. It strengthens the relationship with your career company and gives you the possibility to potentially benefit from your career performance.

Veg Portage is a fascinating adventure, provided you choose a reliable, professional company with vast experience in your core business. Before you get started, analyze these various elements to make sure you connect with a PEO company that will meet your needs!

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