Help, an employee wants to resign

There are many job seekers, but once the right employee is found, especially if the profile is scarce, it can be difficult to change. Plus, you can waste time and money training a new person, when sometimes it’s just a small gesture to keep one who meets all of your criteria.

Before accepting your employee’s resignation, first find out why your employee made this decision. He may have already told you about it but you took his request lightly and the reasons can be very different.

work mis-adjustment

This problem usually occurs in the first days or months of business. Of course, it is possible that the resignation is because the working conditions are not favorable to your employee, but it is also possible that the position does not suit his skills. Some people have very attractive CVs, but in practice do not have the knowledge to perform certain functions in the company. They may decide to leave the company quickly because they don’t feel able to complete the mission assigned to them and, facing frequent failures, they can quickly become frustrated even when motivated by the greatest of motivations. The solution often lies in training.

employee devaluation

Repeatedly rejecting ideas or neglecting your employee can also quickly affect your employee’s morale which may question itself. In some cases, the manager does not give the individual the opportunity to grow and does not provide any training or feedback. However, one of the manager’s good practices is to give regular feedback to the employee, but encourage him by congratulating, for example, for the efforts put in by him.

If you believe this is the reason for your employee’s resignation, you can usually retain your employee by restoring good communication. It would be a shame to lose an employee who wants to grow but whom you neglected.

lack of development

The people who have been working for the company for many years are the most affected by this problem. Employees can lose hope in a company when, after years of effort, the situation stabilizes. After being in the same position for the same pay for a long time, fatigue can begin. Employees may then become frustrated because there is no validation or perspective. If you can’t offer something new, your employee is likely to decide to leave the company.

an organizational problem

The problem can also come from the team where it belongs: conflict between colleagues, an excess of tension due to an overly demanding manager, or even difficulty integrating the team. In any case, the solution to these problems lies with the manager. The latter should know the personality of their employees and the difficulties they face at work.

In general, all employees expect their manager to trust them. They love when they are given challenges, when they are allowed to take charge, and when they earn rewards for their efforts.

Recognition is also appreciated and can mean a raise, bonus, promotion or just congratulations. Don’t forget that employees are also sensitive to the fact that you ask them for their opinion on company projects and future investments: this allows them to more easily integrate into the company environment and know they are there. .

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