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The clock is one of the important moments in the life of a Frenchman, whether it is to mark the age of argument, birthdays, the departure of employees and the celebrations marking the course of the year. The watch recipient is always received as a delicate attention to what it provides.

The company, which now has more than ten people, highlights its enthusiasm, creativity and skill to create original and timeless watches while maintaining “excellent value for money”.

Brand launch

The story of Charlie Paris begins with a childhood friendship. In 2014, Ambrose and Adrian decided to launch their first collection of watches assembled in France. They immediately decide that the technical and creative aspects will be at the center of their project and represent an “alternative to luxury watches”. These make people dream but rarely remain accessible to lovers of the look, especially if they show originality. For entrepreneurs, one key is to be manufactured in France and operate locally. This is why their watches are hand assembled in France by professional and experienced watchmakers.

Entrepreneurs want to remain independent and do not want financial investors or large capital groups. It is all in the logic of being able to continue to position the company “on a sound basis” and to be able to “develop a long-term vision that goes beyond the purely financial logic of growth or profitability” and in particular by an ethic to customers. In order to gain the trust of the innocent.

A mission and value at heart

If the company is enjoying great success, it already owes it to its origins: France, one of the great watchmaking countries. It remains the “cradle of European clockmaking” and is a legacy the two founders seek to preserve by combining modernity. To this end, Charlie Paris seeks to remain “the ambassador of the French lifestyle, at once independent, elegant and refined, which qualifies the watch not only as a measuring tool, but also as an object of strong symbolic value”. .

To break into a competitive environment, the company puts forth four great values: independence, respect, quality and moderation. The first concerns the freedom of company that is represented by a stork in flight and which allows them to express their creativity. The second refers to benevolence but also to honesty. Entrepreneurs consider it necessary to have a trusting relationship with the stakeholders (customers, partners, employees) and the ecosystem as a whole. If quality is part of the values, it is because they pay special attention to detail and “searching for the best information”. Moderation is one of the characteristics of this precious commodity and stands out as a product that avoids waste.

controlled production

In order to be successful in making quality products, the brand decided to develop them directly and without middlemen. Why ? Quite simply to avoid overproduction and to strike a balance between a very limited and permanent collection. This approach clearly allows for their direct delivery model to ensure quality while keeping prices affordable.

If production is to be controlled, it is also to respect the environment. Thus, watch straps are produced in partnership with Leather Working Group certified tanneries. It inspires sustainable and responsible production of leather with maximum reduction of substances harmful to the planet. Recycling has not been forgotten as leather originates from the consumption of food that gives them a second life.

Of course, the packaging follows this same rule and the cases are manufactured by an ISO14001 certified partner, which means recycled elements. The company is making a point of respect in this area, it also uses FSC-certified paper on its new packaging.

a sustainable business

As you may have understood, the company is committed to limiting its impact on the environment and thus offers automatic watches (and now solar watches for some models), which are much less polluting than quartz watches. in what? They work with the energy you generate from your wrist and therefore do not contain batteries or electronic components. This technology makes it possible to extend the life of the product with materials that are less harmful to the environment.

The company does not stop here as it offers recycling of their used watches and is therefore involved in the circular economy. Thus it leverages a partnership with Exotempo, which makes it possible to promote used watches in a different way, or with the Agir sustainable program that supports people in social hardship.

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