Direct traffic is often forgotten

We often forget that the best way to get your website off the ground is to get people talking about you on other means of communication. If there are paid and traditional communication solutions, we are especially interested in solutions that you can install at low cost.

advertising on traditional media

The higher your notoriety, the more likely your name will be typed into search engines. They will find you and thus allow your page to naturally appear in search engines. They will immediately leave a page that is not yours and will not want to visit yours by chance. Get yourself known and your website on the fly, whether through advertising in magazines, the daily press, on radio, on television or even through poster campaigns, even flyers. Don’t hesitate to communicate. Nothing stops you from doing street marketing operations to make yourself known.

Some other not very expensive methods of direct traffic

create your newsletter

You can send a newsletter and therefore create a registration form while browsing your site that your Internet users will complete if they wish to receive it. What is the newspaper for? This is a newsletter sent by email to your subscribers, usually once a month (but it can be daily or weekly). It allows you to make regular contact with your customer or internet user. You create a link with him by keeping him updated with the news of the company, product, service or even some promotions. Its goal, far from being innocent, is to increase direct traffic by encouraging customers to visit the site and to become a reference site for everything related to your industry. Your newsletter should be attractive and you can put content that will interest your visitors such as a white paper, an event list, discounts, promotions, a contest, tips, great deals… It’s all part of a real communication plan And so what follows is an editorial calendar. And above all, never write at the last minute. Think about the material at least six months in advance. Be careful to allow you to unsubscribe in your newsletter with a link, often located at the bottom of the page, in accordance with the law relating to data processing, files and freedoms accessible on the CNIL website.

hold a contest

Competitions represent a real godsend with the internet. Internet users surfing on their breaks, leisure time or on public transport. Of course, this would depend on two fundamental points: the notoriety of the company and the fact of winning something that would attract their attention. Do not neglect the rewards as it directly affects the desire to go further in the pursuit of the game. What’s interesting about the competition is that internet users don’t hesitate to ask their teammates what they think about the game and it. credibility and so it can have a snowball effect.
The purpose of the contest may be to strengthen your database, notoriety, visibility and credibility of your brand, product or your company more generally. Don’t jump into a long contest. Think about the budget, the time to dedicate to it, the goals and results you want to achieve, choose the prize but never forget the jackpot as it is the hook. You can set up a partnership to broaden your target as the contest will be relayed by your partner to your community. It should not be forgotten that online competitions follow rules. So the rules should be notified clearly so that there are no complaints that harm your reputation. Be careful, each social network has its own rules for contests, so you have to inform yourself about them and respect the rules given by CNIL so that you don’t find yourself in trouble.

Direct traffic sources to your site

email me

Even though the technique is sometimes more and more difficult to implement due to the very strong performance of anti-spam filters, emailing is a good way to communicate with your potential customers or clients without being perceived as too intrusive. . Just give them the opportunity to unsubscribe. However, if you want to be sure of the performance of your campaigns, you need to run tests. Don’t neglect the object or form which should be attractive. Be careful with the words you use as they can quickly land you in the “spam” box. Also check that the database you are using is yours and acquired legally by your clients, especially if you are using an external database.

create a blog

Blogs bring together communities of diverse backgrounds that establish bonds of trust and that have proven to have a strong influence on Internet users. Building a blog will allow you to establish your credibility and your legitimacy and get natural references for the keywords that will come to abound your blog that will attract search engines’ algorithms. It gives you an opportunity to highlight your expertise to Internet users and position yourself as an expert and therefore offer advice, possibly answer questions, sometimes help them with their decisions and provide them with useful information. provides an opportunity to provide
Your point of view and therefore your content will be further enhanced by a rich and meaningful vocabulary as you are an expert in the field of your blog. You can also enrich it by calling experts to deal with specific queries. You will slowly be recognized as the existence of your blog and recognized as having experience. You will attract customers to your business because they will be trusted after reading your articles. Creating a blog can only be done with a well studied strategy and participating in a blog also requires mastering written communication. Blogs also allow you to share content on social networks. Creating a blog remains a good practice, but maintaining it is even better: Before launching it, you need to consider both the short term and the long term and know who will lead it.

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