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Today there are several tens of thousands of individuals in the world of registered chartered accountants on the Order’s list, including about 3,000 in Paris. The profession of Chartered Accountant has evolved significantly over the past ten years and takes into account accountability in the management and processing of information by new technologies (software, remote data transmission, etc.).

Chartered accountants must now be very responsive, a force to be reckoned with and very close to their clients, even the more commercial ones, to entice their prospects. On this last point, we cannot say that it has been achieved and it is all the more because a few years ago they did not have the right to communicate.

How to choose the right advice?

A good accountant has an advisory role. To do this, he must understand your company’s objectives and challenges and ensure that he is sensitive to your business approach and your field of activity. If you see that he’s not interested in her, that’s an element that may be pushing you not to cooperate with him.

Above all, you must communicate with your accountant, so he must give you elements that allow you to communicate with him: when and how and what tools (software, collaborative platforms) he uses. This is true for both advice and communication of accounting documents. You should create a way of communicating with him that suits your desire for growth because if your company achieves several million in turnover you will not have the same relationship with him as if you are just starting out.

Overall, he can do a genuine business as a general practitioner and is always available to listen to the entrepreneurial issues of his clients.

Lastly, in order to choose your Chartered Accountant, you must be receptive and available to your entrepreneurial profile and above all feel that a genuine lasting and close association can be established.

What else can he do for you?

If the business plan has not been established, your accountant can advise you on this topic and he or she may also suggest that you analyze your financing plan by integrating the high, low and mid hypotheses to avoid forgetting the help. Be able to estimate the means that are not applicable. Process through empanelment of subsidy: ESF, CIR, etc.

Also, your chartered accountant may offer to accompany you within the framework of the social and patriarchal protection plan that is relevant to you. It should be borne in mind that tax adaptation has changed the legal framework as compared to the past.

In conclusion, we can say that the profession of Chartered Accountant is a profession that today must have a combination of expertise, quality of advice and ability to maintain lasting relationships with clients.

More than ever, making the right choice matters as a Chartered Accountant will very quickly be one of your privileged negotiators. It is therefore strongly recommended to meet several people before making your final choice.

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