A more competitive and attractive company

To have happy employees, the company still needs to get up to speed. New working methods such as hybrid working mean that many of you are making some changes, or even implementing a digital culture to facilitate your transformation.

Particular difficulty in changing companies

While society as a whole is largely digitized and most French people have a smartphone or are present on a digital social network, one may wonder why the establishment of a digital culture is causing difficulties in businesses. First of all it should be noted that digital technology is disrupting all habits, not all processes and employees adopt change in the snap of their fingers. However, a company must not only manage what already exists, but also innovate that bring added value to the company, but also for the well being of the employees by removing repetitive tasks sometimes without cleaning up. , Another phenomenon that creates difficulty in its installation is the classic separation between professional life and personal life which may raise concerns during installation. Knowing how to behave on social networks also raises questions because how to communicate is complicated. Thus, even though we use the same network, the behaviors remain less intuitive, so we understand why.

How to start Digitization?

If you don’t know where to start, you can already list everything that seems irreversible for now. With change, your employees will need anchor points and from these we will find values ‚Äč‚Äčthat could be innovation or customer satisfaction, but not all evaluation criteria that will be affected such as objectives or still certain business processes.
According to Dominic Turk, founder of the Boostzone Institute in 2004, since change must be desired, then you have to consider what it brings to each other. more than just tools, so it’s essential to communicate these benefits. Its installation can save time, avoid some unnecessary tasks or even facilitate internal communication, for example. We’ll also think about productivity gains or simplicity.
Another approach that may facilitate its implementation: establishing a reference system that allows everyone to know what they can or should not do. It can indicate the way it works or define different effects. Finally, it is a question of conveying that reality will not be more complex than the previous one and that it is within reach of all employees.

But why want this change of culture?

It is clear that this change must first happen in order for the company to remain competitive and attractive. Surveys show that many employees no longer want to return to work all the time and some plan to leave their jobs for questions related to the possibility of telecommuting, at least in a hybrid way.
It is well understood that the presence of digital everywhere will clearly affect the way companies operate which can quickly overwhelm themselves if this change in culture does not take place. The company must respond as fast as possible and digital tools contribute in a big way to this revolution.
Digitization is also a way to unify your teams as it often leads to a much more collaborative approach to work. This builds commitment among employees who participate in the same adventure. Building a community, whether through a presence on the company’s social networks or through internal tools, results in a strong adherence to the company and a strong team spirit. With too much interaction between members of the same team. It may also be interesting to harness the potential of innovation as a result.

Behaviors that need to be defined

If we can say that behaviors are innate and that’s enough to drive those employee models towards digital, then the reality is more complex. Thus, when one of your colleagues asks a question on a professional forum, for example indicating a difficulty, it provides information to your potential or current customers but also to the competition. In the same way, it is clear that you will not have a single way of responding in a personal capacity because it only commits you, whereas when you communicate in a professional capacity, you commit to the company. So these are a set of behaviors that you have to keep in mind if you want the implementation of digital culture to happen well and you should not face any particular difficulties. So as we told you earlier, you can set up processes or even a repository. The goal of the rest is not to control everything but to signal good behavior.

challenging the traditional hierarchy

Even though we think very little about it, digitization and mobility have strongly challenged the traditional vertical hierarchy as it has become practically horizontal. We can only see this with hierarchical levels that become fewer and numerous and this is illustrated more fully by an example. If in the past, to exchange with someone from a neighboring silo, you had to contact your line manager, today an employee will send an email to contact you. All tools, and especially all those that encourage employees to communicate with each other, have therefore called into question the traditional hierarchy. Functions such as human resources, legal, communication, which had little to do with others, are now in constant touch.

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