Bing Ads: Secrets of a Successful Campaign

In France, Bing represents 392 million monthly searches, 17 million unique users, and a 16% share of the online search market.
Since Google controls most of the online traffic, it is easy to overlook other search engines. Yet Microsoft’s advertising platform (now called Microsoft Ads) offers great potential for businesses on a modest budget.
let’s go ! Discover our tips for a successful Bing Ads campaign!

Bing! what is that ?

Microsoft uses its search engine and “Bingo!” Was looking for a name. » Got the name… It would be Bing. Concise, easy to remember and for a search engine, it is quite suitable.

The Bing ride is getting a little bumpy. It was first introduced by its CEO in 2009 before being made available to Internet users.

Bing. some features of

Bing is a search engine. One of its features is to display a menu called the “explorer pane” on the left side of the screen when it’s searched in a domain. In this place, the internet user can check the results based on the categories of relevance. We find pictures, biographies …

According to Microsoft Group, this will make it easier for Internet users to search.

Bing offers other features that allow it to differentiate itself from the competition, and Google in particular. Among other things, requests are facilitated by offering a customized interface for research.

bing in numbers

In France, like everywhere else in the world, it is Google that takes precedence over all other search engines like Quant, Bing… It holds about 90% market share and it has been running for many years. Diversity is important to satisfy most Internet users and their needs, but also to avoid creating a monopoly.

However, Bing comes in at the 2 position with around 5% of the French market share. He does not depreciate and has various elements to try to gain ground.



To gain popularity and increase its presence in the search engine market, Bing offers advantages like BingAds.

a simple installation

Thanks to Bing Ads, you have the possibility to reproduce your AdWords campaigns in a simple way.

If you manage your tags with Google Tag Manager, you can easily configure your conversion tracking tag.

The tool that allows you to import Bing Ads will automatically change your “Adwords” UTM tracking parameter to “Bing”. This will allow you to save time.

Bing Ads Limits

Like everything, it also has drawbacks. Here’s a List of Limited Elements on Bing Ads

  • You cannot automatically import defined rules to AdWords,
  • Multi-language targeting also cannot be imported. However, it is possible to do so by duplicating your ad groups and associating each with a specific language target.
  • When you import keywords, you cannot edit them. Still, you can certainly make new ones.

Settings differences between BingAds and AdWords

There are some differences between BingAds and AdWords.

At AdWords it is at the campaign level that we take care of geographic targeting. Bing too, but you also have the option to set it up from ad groups.

  • Research Network Partners Integration

Bing requires you to integrate it with the ad group whereas on AdWords you do it at the campaign level.

  • setting a timetable

Bing uses the user’s time zone while AdWords uses your account’s time zone.

How to import from Google Ads

First, you should know that if you use two-factor authentication to access your Google Ads account, you will need to create a password for Microsoft Ads.

Here are the steps for direct import:

  • On Microsoft Ads, click “Import a campaign,” and then Import from Google Ads.
  • Click “Connect to Google” and enter the connection information
  • Select the relevant Google Ads campaign and click “Continue”
  • Select the Microsoft advertising account you want to import on as well as import options (time zone, bids, budget…).
  • Import

You have the option to change the URL later and share ad extensions from your campaigns.

What’s new in Bing Ads

In this section, we present some of the new features BingAds offers.

  • Countdown optimization.

This is likely to create a personalized countdown position on your promotional campaigns that shows the days, hours and minutes before the campaign ends.

It makes your declaration more dynamic in the sense that it can have a sense of urgency.

  • label integration
  • Your ads’ extensions automatically
  • multi-image extension

Microsoft provides an image extension that AdWords does not have. It is likely to display a maximum of 6 images below your ad. It has the advantage of making it visible and attractive.

  • price extension
  • Audience creation.

It enables RLSA (Remarketing for Search Ads) features on Bing.

  • segmentation of your audience
  • It is an aid for managing your campaigns.
  • automatic auction

Why Advertise on Bing Ads?

Looking for reasons to show your ads on Bing Ads? Here are 4 benefits on Google Ads:

Less competition and cheaper CPC

With Bing Ads, you generate leads at a relatively low cost. Most of the advertisers are busy fighting for ad placement on Google. Which leaves you field free on Microsoft search engine.
Result: Since there are fewer advertisers, the cost per click is lower. So you get better return on investment.

The average click-through rate on Bing Ads is 2.83%, which is 50% higher than Google Ads. For cost per click, it is 33% less expensive.

A better device targeting option

Bing advertisers can exclude traffic from specific devices, such as desktop or tablet, from their campaigns. You can also target specific mobile devices by mentioning your operating system preferences.

more transparency

Bing gives advertisers the ability to target Bing and Yahoo users, search partners, or both at the ad group level.
Plus, you can quickly run a report to see which search partners are driving traffic to your website. An important detail to optimize your campaigns and improve your return on investment.
If you see one source that’s a lot worse than the others, you can even exclude it entirely!

More control over your target demographic

Perhaps the most innovative and under-utilized offering of Bing Ads is the ability to control which gender and age demographics see your ads. A vague targeting on Google Ads!
However, demographic criteria are required for advertisers whose products or services are typically purchased by a particular gender or age group.

How to advertise on Bing Ads?

Before you can start running campaigns on Bing Ads, you must first have a Microsoft Ads account. Next, install Universal Event Tracking, the platform’s conversion tracking pixel. It is he who will help you analyze your performance.
Now you are ready to take the next 4 steps to advertise on Bing Ads!
and Microsoft Ads.

Step 1: Set up the campaign

By going to your Microsoft advertising account dashboard, you can:

  • Set up your campaign outlines, including name and budget.
  • Choose an individual daily budget or use a shared library budget.
  • Define a general location or specific ZIP code, as well as the users who should see your ads.
  • Select the target languages ​​that will see your ad.

Step 2: Ad groups and keywords

In the second step, you choose to create ad groups by selecting your keywords.
Note that for search ads, it’s always best to create small ad groups with a limited number of relevant keywords. Which can improve your campaign ranking and performance.
The best approach is to create a unique ad group for each service you provide. Microsoft provides a keyword suggestion tool for you to choose the ones that you find relevant.

Step 3: Create Your Bing Ads

This is where you’ll create the actual ad, including writing copy and adding site link extensions.
When creating an ad, you have 30 characters for each of the three headline sections and 90 characters for the two ad text.
There are separators between the headers, so you should treat each one as unique.
If you have separate mobile landing pages, you can also add mobile-specific URLs.

Step 4: Budget and Bids

In this final step, you need to clearly define your campaign budget and bids.
When it comes to bidding strategy, Advanced CPC is a good option for taking advantage of Bing’s automation services.
Otherwise, you can still use manual bidding. Thus, you can easily set individual bids for each ad group, and even adjust them based on user location, device or time of day.

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our tip

Bing doesn’t have the same capability as Google, that’s undeniable. On the other hand, they can be very complementary. In fact, Bing is an endorsement for your promotion and has its own audience that will complement Google. Plus, campaigns are less expensive, allowing you to play both ways and gain visibility.

If you already know success on Google Ads, it’s almost as easy to be successful with Microsoft Ads! Especially since you can import your Google Ads campaigns and therefore copy what’s already working…
You can also entrust the management of your SEA to experts. Post your project on and get free quotes from SEA consultants.

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