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Audio transcription is an integral part of many tasks and missions that are recurring in companies regardless of their field of activity. It is used in many cases, such as when it comes to preparing minutes, minutes of meetings, reports etc. This makes it possible to formalize the exchanges that take place during an interview, a meeting, a general meeting, a conference. name but something else to broadcast them so that everyone can act. Whether for legal, medical or journalistic purposes, audio transcriptions are required

a time consuming and complex task

Audio transcription is very time consuming and it is rare that it is not complete and limited to a summary thanks to note taking. To perform professionally, it requires equipment capable of interpreting words regardless of the environment, background noise, ambient noise (laughter, applause, audience reaction, etc.), which most companies are not aware of. it occurs. It requires knowledge to capture the words of the person speaking it, especially if the latter speaks in a low voice, with a fast fluency or with an accent that is difficult to hear.

Professional audio transcription is actually a complete transcription, that is, it reproduces words with fidelity and accuracy. In order not to miss out on anything, it is often necessary to call in high-performance professional transcribers, who make it possible to obtain a completely complete transcription without interpretation, or to call a professional transcription agency such as Optiwords or others. make.

“To ensure the reliability and quality of your transcription, it is strongly recommended to use professional transcriptionists specializing in your field (medical, legal, journalistic, financial, etc.), who are familiar with the terminology, standards, and requirements of your field. is the knowledge of the activity”

Frederick Ibanez CEO of Optiwords

essential writing skills

Even if the people on the audio tape are speaking colloquially, sometimes it is necessary to raise the language level without changing the meaning and the document must be transmitted without fail. A poorly written document damages the professional image of the company quickly and therefore it is strongly recommended that transcription be done by a person who has solid writing skills, especially if the transcription is not perfect in terms of synthesis.

The document can be the basis for communicating with partners, collaborators, customers, we can imagine that it cannot be written in any old fashioned way. Sometimes it is necessary to make a plan and insert a title and subheading so that the text is more readable. The person in charge should also be able to remove repetition as it is normal for the person speaking to grab the same message. Sometimes it is necessary to know how to make a thematic, chronological or synthetic plan suited to the situation in order to bring out the essential elements.

some difficult transcription

In the context of recruitment, dismissal or annual assessment interviews, it is often necessary for the document to take a specific form. In some cases, it is a question of identifying essential points and in others extracting anecdotal, non-meaningful elements, in order to submit an application for a service such as to recruit, to offer promotion, or to train. .

The legal field presents a particular difficulty due to the terminology used which is unclear to those who do not belong to the field. It is therefore necessary to justify converting concrete assumptions into law as specifics are important… meeting the interpretations can quickly hurt the company. The same is the case with the medical field. In fact, this type of transcription is particularly complex, given the terminology that includes many words from the Latin language, the Greek language. And as we know in the medical field, the slightest error can have very harmful consequences on people’s lives.

Note that some companies offer transcription as well as translation. Therefore it should be reliable and should be done by experts or native speakers to avoid translation errors.

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