6 techniques to set yourself apart from the competition

If you think competition is your biggest problem, you might just change your mind. However, both frightening and intoxicating, it is not the cause of all your ills.

Instead of wondering what your neighbors are doing, it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself what the real needs of your customers are and which paths haven’t been taken yet.

We help you today by giving you 6 techniques to stand out from the competition.

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1. Refocus Your Customers

Maybe you’re so focused on making yourself stand out that you’ve forgotten the most important thing: your customers. To make a difference, you must already be clear about the promise you can make.

What do you want to bring to your customers? What result do you hope to get for that? This simple question can already make a difference. It will also allow you to broadcast A clear message focused on the expected benefits for your future customers,

2. Highlight Your Curriculum

technology differentiation competition route

If you are freelance then branding or personal branding is important to highlight your background and the way it gives you legitimacy. thanks for this you can Show your audience that you have or shared their issues and that you have developed informed solutions,

What’s more, your story sets you apart, as each course is unique. Sharing this allows both your prospects to identify themselves, but also allows for you to communicate at the emotional level needed in any marketing strategy.

3. Put Yourself Where No One Is

Unique Competition Differentiation Techniques

It is not necessarily a question of innovation, but Deviating from common uses so as not to put yourself on the same level as your competitors, we call it blue ocean strategy, Take for example what eBay did with e-commerce. Instead of having a market like no other and constantly dragging prices down, the site has innovated with the concept of auctions.

In the same way, Apple does not target an audience of computer scientists or hack enthusiasts, but conversely targets an audience of either professionals looking for effective tools, or people who are not comfortable with computers. . Changing your attitude is sometimes the best way to stand out.

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4. Know Your Strengths

technology differentiation competition strength

He is always seen as lacking the humility to put forth his qualities. But still it is necessary to sell, persuade and attract people towards you. A simple technique to determine them is to simply ask. You can do this Interview your customers or prospects to find out what they like about you or your business,

The words used are essential to your communication. They say a lot about you and can be reused for example on your sales pages or about pages.

5. Be Vigilant on Customer Experience

CX Competition Differentiation Technique

Your customers are your biggest ambassadors and potentially your biggest brakes. A successful customer experience can help you retain buyers, training them to create a positive word about your business.

Conversely, negative reviews have a strong resonance that can do a lot of damage to your reputation and deter future customers from calling you.

always heal customer experience Both online and offline. Similarly, be smart and optimize it by segmenting your audience.

Based on the data collected, you will be able to offer more relevant content and is likely to bring more value to your customers or prospects.

6. Listen carefully

listening tech discrimination contest

What your customers or prospects talk about best about you And the experience you give them. always on. The feedback they give you is priceless. Both to refine your position and to identify what they particularly appreciate about you and what constitutes your trademark.

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