5 Criteria for Choosing the Right CRM

Today, customer relationship management is essential to managing your business as efficiently as possible. Whether it is tracking prospects, progress of ongoing projects or studying results, CRM is increasingly used by sales and marketing managers. This tool allows companies to fully follow their sales process.

However, as a manager, you have a choice. More and more CRMs are emerging and offer new features that make your job easier. From full customization to integration of multiple tools, new CRMs are now easy to use, even for the novice.

But, an important question remains: How to choose the right CRM? The blogbusiness.xyz and monday.com teams have listed 5 essential criteria for your choice to be taken into account.

1. Full visibility of your sales

Firstly, the first criterion for choosing your CRM should be the visibility of the information you enter into the tool. In fact, being able to follow up on all your past and present work on your sales, your customers, and your CRM is essential to being organized in your work. Thus, all actors in your company will be conveniently informed in real time about the progress of all your projects, thanks to a simple and complete interface.

A simple and readable sales pipeline is an essential asset to your CRM. Choose a device on which you will also have the possibility to integrate your favorite software and tools. By centralizing them on a single platform, you will be able to automate their tasks from a single workspace.

Find all these features on Monday’s Sales CRM. Easily customize your CRM to your needs, without calling any developers. Edit deal stages, add as many columns as you want, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.

2. Easy Management of Your Prospects and Customers

The purpose of CRM is to manage your customer relationships first and foremost. But also to collect all the necessary information about your prospects. Having all the information and being able to manage it, modifying it with a simple click is essential to facilitate your work and save time.

You should also have the ability to easily manage the status of your leads. In fact, you should be able to easily and quickly enter new information in order to calmly manage current and future projects if it backs out or vice versa.

Having all your information on a single interface allows you to convert your prospects into customers.

Quickly manage your customers and prospects, know what projects are urgent to better organize your schedule, … Monday’s Sales CRM Find all these benefits on the new CRM developed by monday.com .

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3. Customizable Onboarding

Personalizing your customer relationships allows you to stand out from your competitors today. Your customer relationship should be unique and fit the profiles of your various customers. And it’s up to you to personalize it as best you can!

That’s why you’ll need to have enough information to build this customer-focused relationship. So it is necessary to have clear and well organized information to start this relationship on a good basis. Identify differentiation criteria between your customers to create personalized onboarding according to each profile. This will allow you to effectively address your customers and increase your conversion rate as they enter your sales pipeline.

For example, Monday’s Sales CRM invites you to display these personalization criteria in your onboarding:

  • last name First Name
  • Contact information (phone number, email, etc.)
  • Steps in the Process (Prospects, Negotiations, Proposals…)
  • Additional information (amount, action/customer priority, etc.)
  • Customize these criteria to your activity or your desires for even more effective personalization!

4. Clearly distributed tasks and projects among your sales teams

Good organization is often synonymous with success in your workplace. If you’re organized, if you know what to do and when, you’ll save time and money.

Your CRM should allow you to easily communicate between the various departments and employees that make up your company so that your various projects can be completed as efficiently as possible. To implement these tips and methods, a management tool will soon become necessary.

monday.com was created to support teams in project management, being more efficient and productive and thus saving time. With an easy-to-use interface that can be modified at any time, or even with automation of certain tasks such as sending newsletters, Monday Sales CRM will help you succeed in your work and organize yourself efficiently. Returns all keys for .

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5. One CRM to Consolidate All Your Tools

Save time by opting to have all your tools at hand in one workspace.

Instead of having 10 pages open on different tabs with all your platforms, prefer a CRM that can group all your tools into one interface, like Monday’s Sales CRM.

Things to remember when choosing your CRM

In order to follow your customers and prospects under the best conditions, the choice of a CRM should not be taken lightly. This strategic tool will support your business for many years.

So be sure to choose an ergonomic and easy-to-use CRM for all your teams, and one that can be easily personalized according to your field of activity and your customer journey.

Prefer software that can combine all your tools into a single platform to simplify your daily management, as does Monday Sales CRM.

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