10 Team Building Activities to Weld Your Team


A company is being recognized as a human organization within which ideas, skills and certain resources are accumulated. It is therefore important to create an atmosphere of social cohesion and family belonging.

Team building is an English subject which literally means building a team. So we can make an analogy by saying that team building is a set of tasks and activities executed at a certain frequency to build in an organization, a team in which the workers feel like a family. Hence team building creates social cohesion and develops team spirit in everyone belonging to a family. Thanks to the team building action plan, some obstacles are removed.

team building goals

The general objective pursued by team building is to succeed in creating a cohesive, strong, cohesive team or community that has consensus consensus.

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Team building has the following specific objectives: establishment of a framework of motivation and gathering, inter-cultural mix of workers, participation of all employees by creating work groups and activity groups. To develop and develop team spirit for successful participation of all at various levels.

Actually, the concept of team building is a concept created to give confidence to all the stakeholders of a company or organization so that there are no communication barriers and any dispute can be resolved at the earliest.

short term effect

Team building should generate short-term and long-term impact. In the short term, team building should make it possible to observe:

  • Increasing motivation of employees to join the organization every day,
  • Significant reduction in tension between colleagues on the one hand and between employees and administration on the other;
  • easy integration of new members,
  • open collaboration internally
  • Better business organization to get more results
  • Efficient work stratification for higher production
  • Effective participation of employees in the mission of the organization.

long term effects

Carrying out team building activities has a positive impact on the company in the long run. In fact, team building makes it possible to improve personnel productivity, leading to a significant increase in the company’s annual or periodic performance. Team building has a positive effect on the general performance of the company.

In the long run, team building fosters structural change within employees by instilling essential functions and values ​​for the growth of the company.

Team building activities allow your company to achieve the following results: Motivated and determined employees within a group where there is strong social cohesion from the certainty of belonging to a united family for growth and development from a company.

10 Team Building Activities for Your Company

We offer you a list of ten effective team building activities to improve cohesion, cohesiveness and strengthen the motivation of your employees.

Organize the Olympics to Challenge Your Teams

Reinforce your team’s motivation by undertaking a marathon of activities. You can choose from lots of fun mini-games like sumo fight, sack race, table football competition, mess up…

Be original by finding evidence that your employees Unleash your ability to put it to the benefit of the company, Take advantage of these moments to introduce and integrate your new recruits into the team.

Distribute points for each event and create a ranking at the end to reward the best groups with vouchers, gifts…

create strong feelings

Is your activity intense? Do your employees go through periods of stress? Help them manage these moments by giving them strong emotions.

What could be better than a car race Organize your employees and teach them how to manage pressure , Competition and good humor are guaranteed to create a group dynamic and instill a sense of competition.

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Sign up for a music class

Involving your employees in a music class is a great way to develop them team cohesion, Everyone agrees on the same speed.

This type of activity can increase cohesion within your company, allowing work to move at a more uniform pace.

offer cooking classes

Culinary activities are also useful for uniting a group. Inspired by major shows like “Top Chef” or “Le Meilleur Patissier,” cooking has become a passion for many.

It must be said that this activity demands a number of essential qualities in business: Determination, stress management, creativity, communication and team spirit,

teach an art class

If you want to fuel the creativity of your teams, opt for painting! Choose a theme on which participants will create a giant artistic fresco. they could express your inventiveness And contribute to a common cause.

Finally, display their composure in the office hallway or break room to remind them of the team’s values: communication, creativity, and good humor.

an escape game

Very popular, the escape game is a very cerebral game where participants must solve puzzles to escape from a room.

Practiced as a team, this activity is ideal for strengthen solidarity of your employees and teach them to work together. It is also an opportunity to explore each employee’s strengths: logic, general culture, strategy, reflection…

Organize a Lunch Brainstorming Party

A lunch brainstorming party is an activity that is treated as priority as a ridiculous activity. But this is a meeting that the organizing committee immediately announces to all participants. So an idea was started, offering a lively exchange full of creativity and good humour, requiring everyone to contribute.

For example, invite all employees to a dinner meeting. Upon arrival, the menu for this dinner must be designed and prepared by the staff present. The material and everything needed will be decided by them. The employees are placed in groups and hence they have to give everything for the success of the event.

For example, you can hold a meeting where everyone will have to contribute to completing an action plan or provisional budget for the next year or next campaign. The purpose of brainstorming is to reveal the hidden skills of the employees and to create an environment conducive to learning.

organizer of yin and yang parties

The Yin and Yang party is an activity whose basic goal is to help its practitioner find balance in everything, especially emotional balance. If everyone maintains an emotional balance at the work place, communication will be smooth and straightforward.

This is very easy to accomplish, the yin and yang activity involves assigning each member of the team the mission of creating unions of their own taste. For example a combination of ham and chicory; a vase and a flower; A television set and its controls.

Based on the principle of yin and yang, each team member should write down the chosen combination on two separate sheets. Numbered sheets are pasted on the back of each participant in such a way that no one has their own initially chosen combination.

Thus everyone is confused in mass. With the help of a yes or no answer, the participants manage to identify their partner, who holds the other part of their combination. That is, without his half there is no emotional balance. A lot of fun a priori, the yin and yang party is a mixture of emotions and sensations. It reveals our existence.

the minefield game

It is a game that requires the collaboration of skills to solve problems that require more creativity. To achieve this, it is necessary to create peer groups. One member in each group should be blindfolded.

It is the responsibility of the member helping his friend blindfolded to reach the destination without trampling the mines lying on the way. Also, the guide is on the dock. He just instructs his companion who is alone on his journey to reach the destination. The game challenges one’s ability to trust or not blindly trust one’s partner.

multiplayer online games

Team building activities can be thought of as organizing multi-player online games with rewards. Games should challenge defining team strategies to solve problems or explore an adventurous world. Find a list of collaborative and partner games here

Repeat the show by creating new groups so that everyone has switched partners at least once.

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