Why is knowing how to question yourself a primary quality of an entrepreneur?

Questioning oneself is difficult, often very difficult. After several attempts, it happens that the certainties of the entrepreneur turn into worries because they are troubled by an innovation, by the relations with the teams and by many factors that initially proved pleasant and which turn into conflicts. Questioning can only be done by listening to others, but without judgment, without the prism of your own preferences and your own comfort. There is nothing worse than being convinced that you are right. Of course one can be right but being right is of no value in itself if it is separated from the solidarity of the market and the teams.

Entrepreneurship often resembles white water navigation! However, the winding currents of this long river, which is not exactly calm, alternate between calm and turbulent. Also, in order to steer his boat safely, the young entrepreneur has to show a lot of flexibility of mind. Whether it is the structure of the project or its position in relation to its various partners, it must be able to question itself permanently and quickly. An essential quality to be developed throughout life as an entrepreneur.

The important thing is to never stop questioning yourself. Never lose a holy curiosity.

Albert Einstein

challenge yourself to adapt to the realities

Entrepreneurship involves a specific project to start with and a definite initial idea of ​​how to get it done. Thus, on the strength of this foundation, the young entrepreneur moves towards building his business by going step-by-step and soliciting all kinds of partners: incubators, tutors, banking establishments, industrial or commercial partners, collaborators and potential customers. Is. As a result, this creation phase is more like a startup journey that will prepare the future entrepreneur. Very quickly, the young entrepreneur will realize that there is a long way from theory to practice and nothing is going according to plan! Far from being dramatic, this discovery is simply a result of the realities of today’s entrepreneurship, expressed in a rapid and constantly changing world.

To overcome every twist and turn of this eventful course, the entrepreneur must combine with his unflinching tenacity a great open mind and a strong capacity for growth. Furthermore, it is not only a question of knowing how to question early choices and instructions that have turned out to be inappropriate, but also of being able to precisely adapt your approach and posture with your different partners.

The ability to question oneself is the mother of adaptation. In fact, it is a driving force at the heart of entrepreneurship: market-friendly, law-friendly, globalization-friendly, environment-friendly… a non-exhaustive list that simply states that the entrepreneur simply ‘can succeed’ To be in constant touch with the realities of the world around you.

a practical dreamer

Entrepreneurs are basically dreamers! Whatever their project and whatever field they express themselves in, they all aim more or less at large to modify the established order, to bring something new, to change a small or large part of the world! From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs and Eiffel or Dassault, all great entrepreneurs have dreamed of a world different from the one they knew! An entrepreneur is a special dreamer: he acts! He wants to make his dreams come true no matter what the cost! He puts all his passion and all his energy into it. This determination to succeed makes him practical very quickly. He is characterized by his agility in overcoming obstacles and adapting to changes in the world, in the face of obstacles, administrative constraints, immobility of most people around him.

This insightful dreamer has the art of constantly asking questions. He often anticipates the world of tomorrow and he knows how to reject dogma and burn his idols! He constantly challenges himself to adapt his approach and his offerings to the realities. Head in the clouds but feet firmly on the ground!

Constantly think about how you can improve things and challenge yourself.

Elon Musk

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