Why create your Youtube Channel?

YouTube “Broadcast Yourself” is the leading video sharing site. Anyone can post videos there for free or enjoy unlimited base. Just type a keyword in the search field to get a comprehensive list of videos. You will then be able to continue browsing the site seamlessly. Then he will offer you to watch other videos on his Youtube channel Tailored to your expectations and your centers of interest.

Thanks to YouTube, you’ll have tons of fun watching videos of all genres. Specifically, you’ll be able to follow reruns of your favorite shows, watch gag videos, find out about news on videos, and more.

As the “Broadcast Yourself” slogan indicates, everyone can share their own videos. More than 72 hours of videos are uploaded to the site every minute.

Why adopt YouTube as a communication medium?

YouTube brings many benefits to the companies that decide to communicate on it. Companies can adapt their marketing strategy to this by either communicating their products or their brands. The point of using it is to take advantage of its audience. According to Awitec, there are more than 52 million French users per month using YouTube, i.e. 78% coverage of the platform over the total population.

To know !

  • YouTube has 2.2 billion users worldwide.
  • Both males and females constitute the majority of the audience in the 25–35 age group.
  • The average time per visit on the platform is 30 minutes and 56 seconds.
  • The most famous YouTube channel has 202 million subscribers.
  • 450 French YouTube channels have over one million subscribers.
  • Most viewed video on YouTube with over 9.8 billion views

How to use youtube?

It provides you two communication options. The first is to run one of your ads. Another is to upload your own videos through your Youtube channel.


The first method, which involves conveying a message through an advertisement, brings benefits, but also harm. The main advantage of this method is time savings: ads are added by Google to videos submitted by site members. However, you can configure to target different locations on the YouTube site, as well as choose the categories of videos on which your ads will appear, for example on videos themed on new technologies or extreme sports .

However, there are some drawbacks to these ads. Subscribers don’t need to watch your full ad because after 5 seconds, they can directly go to the video they want to watch. Another disadvantage: prices are indexed on a number of criteria such as clicks, audience and channel members.

chain construction

As part of building your channel, you will be the only master on board. You will be able to customize your page, add and store videos. The purpose of the channel is to develop an entire community around your videos. You’ll get “likes” or “unlikes,” as well as comments regarding your audience’s reactions. For small businesses, the channel may be interesting from time to time to present their concept and broadcast thematic videos. For large groups, chain management will require daily work. Broadcasting videos will be essential, but also animating the channel by responding to comments. This will allow you to control your e-reputation. Finally, the YouTube channel will allow you to increase the number of visits to your official site, thanks to a number of tools.

The purpose of using YouTube is to unite members around your videos. If the videos are appreciated, they can quickly go worldwide. For the more creative, you can also create artistic videos or turn your channel into a mini site. Well motivated more than you would consider television.

some examples :


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