Why are entrepreneurs considered scammers?

Entrepreneurs are people we respect because they are the epitome of success and independence. But is this idolatry justified? In fact, aren’t successful entrepreneurs categories of crooks or unmanageable individuals? When people find out that you are an entrepreneur, a small voice whispers to their defense “Be careful!”… For some, entrepreneur is synonymous with a person who achieves their goals. Doesn’t hesitate to crush others to achieve. But why and how did we get here, gentlemen entrepreneurs?

You are an entrepreneur… so what?

Many people claim to be entrepreneurs. Should this mark of difference be interpreted as the difference between you and the employees and therefore give the impression of discrediting the employees? Be careful, don’t forget that without your employees, you run the risk of harming your company and there is no room for comparison but to bring together a bunch of prejudices.

stubborn miserly people

Entrepreneurs usually make enough money (and sometimes even lose a lot) to lead a more than acceptable lifestyle, even if they want to buy a big and nice car for a few euros (as accountants charge). Advised to increase, buying a car is one solution). They get their employees to work overtime but often forget to pay them (in any case, your dedicated employee won’t dare ask you for money, so you can take advantage too!) Some enterprising fathers and mothers sell Willing to, or even wife and children to do business. You watch a lot of movies!

two types of entrepreneurs

We know that there is an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur. There is a huge difference between Xavier Neil and the average entrepreneur. However, the two types of entrepreneurs have one thing in common. All entrepreneurs are obsessed with goals: to be successful, to achieve a dream, to transmit values, etc. This concentration certainly leads to success, but you have poor relations with the people around you. An entrepreneur is often a character who optimizes taxes, expenses, earnings, etc. And he doesn’t forget anything.

Entrepreneurs have only one word in their mouth: innovation

Entrepreneurs introduce a product which they sell after a few months, but this time in mp3 mode, videos, coaching, seminars etc. In truth, it’s the same thing, except it costs ten times more! What happened in the meantime that made the price so high? Is there anything you’re not telling us, dear entrepreneurs? (Scamp, come on!)

Entrepreneurs make us even more stupid

With iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc., new technologies arising out of the realization of entrepreneurial ideas, we depend on apps that are available in our pockets at all times. But how did people live before spending their time playing stupid games, surfing the web in transport, on platforms, in office corridors and… in WC! Furthermore, given the rapid development of new technologies, consumers of these products and services become even less intelligent as entrepreneurs manage to persuade them to swallow their savings in obsolete products after 2 years. It is not right to take advantage of the weak mentality of the people.

An entrepreneur and a fisherman on the web?

Entrepreneurs and fishermen both dream of finding a vein in a corner full of big, furious and hungry fish. Afterwards, is it about leveraging a resource? You tell yourself that after all, you have to sell where there are compelling buyers. Don’t big brands like Apple make these hoards of frenzied buyers?

No one will deny us the fact that there are always more buyers and products revolving around the topic of weight loss … Is this a coincidence? Are there moral virtues to exploit the problem of women’s weight? On the problems of those who are overweight, the same is true that you do your business. But you are right, people are ready to do anything to change their life, so can also open market based on people’s problems. The more they have, the more money you make

people start out of snobbery

Entrepreneurs like to remember that no one orders them but on the contrary they choose to live their lives as they see fit. On the other hand, they find it difficult to accept that people prefer to stay on the job. Being an entrepreneur feels good when people ask you what you do for a living. “I’m an Entrepreneur” It is undoubtedly an expression of the desire to succeed and think outside the box.

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