Why and Where to Train for Business Recovery?

Taking on a business is certainly an excellent opportunity, but of course provided you have the tools to make this acquisition a success. Training in business acquisition allows you to acquire new skills: financial analysis, reading company accounts, assessing structure performance, evaluating targets. Companies law, taxation, moving and living matter if one, different modes of commercial action. All those elements that we may naturally wish to refresh or deepen in order to understand the various issues relating to the new regulations and the extraordinary circumstances that the Company has been going through for several months.

When should the search for business acquisition training begin?

The search for business acquisition training should begin at the same time that the candidate, having defined and established his or her motivation to become a boss, will decide to embark on this adventure and begin the process. With respect to his objectives, the candidate must have defined the resources required to achieve his objectives. An analysis of his needs leads him to note his shortcomings and therefore identify mechanisms that are lacking in his “toolbox”. Then he can define his specifications, which will allow him to find the missing information.
This will lead to better performance, greater professionalism, a virtuous spiral that will make him more credible in achieving his objective than his competitors, in the course of the candidate’s battle, from his preparation to take over a company. Candidates for other business acquisitions.

The training will provide the candidate with the tools that will allow him/her to interact with greater credibility, showcasing his/her personal investment, aligning with market professionals, facilitating his/her progress in the complexity of acquisitions.
Lastly, the course, which provides post-training follow-up, will provide support in this pitiable journey.
Business acquisition training is highly recommended, it represents the driving license to succeed in your business acquisition project.

What Training Should Business Acquisition Provide?

• Techniques for analysis of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts that make it possible to measure and quantify the performance of targets.
• Knowledge of the circuits involved in business acquisition.
• Information on the candidate’s field of activity, the opportunities and threats of the market he/she is targeting, which should present at least a close link to his/her professional experience.
• An apprenticeship in the candidate’s communication with the acquisition actors (CCIs, banks).

Where to train and where to get information?

, Network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) offers different types of training, including:
5 days to start Training for people applying for the first time to be registered in the Register of Businesses and Companies or for business owners who have been in business for less than a year.
manager’s school : A personal training system, professionalizing and leading to a diploma that aims to prepare buyers to become a business manager. This training of minimum 55 days is done in turn over a period of 14 to 16 months. It also constitutes the required incubation period for man and his project.
, Network of Trade and Crafts Board (CMA) : In the directory of the CMA trade provide mandatory installation preparation courses for future craftsmen to register. This course exposes buyers to all aspects of their business and allows them to make a personal assessment of their project.
Also, a full range of training in management, human resources, management, environment, etc. is available for the heads of the craft professions.

, Welcome and Support Network for Project Leaders They also offer internships and training for entrepreneurs, some of which may be devoted to business acquisition.

– CRA Support Network – The transferors and buyers of the business – play a vital role in the training of future buyers. Through its subsidiary CRA Formation, it offers 3 weeks of intensive training delivered entirely by transmission professionals.
CRA Formation also offers one or two day intensive seminars on some aspects.

Business acquisition training conducted by CRA Formation is now eligible for CPF (CPF code: LNI of 205459) and can therefore be partly financed by rights acquired by buyers.

, le fusacA marketplace dedicated to mergers and acquisitions and business acquisitions, also offers a training program for buyers to build the skill: Be a trusted buyer in 3 days!

– AFE Makes its dossier projectors collection available to buyers, which allows them to, among other things, identify organizations that are important to their business and training courses that interest them.

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