What if these historical figures had launched their own box?

These historical figures, women and men, did not all have financial and economic fiber, but they marked history with their personalities and their actions. Maybe they could have started their own business in another life.

Diane de Poitiers, Revolutionary Products

Let’s face it, all entrepreneurs have megalomaniac dreams buried in them. Desire for power, tendency to overestimate oneself and undying love for oneself. Diane de Poitiers combines all her “qualities”. A favorite of the King of France, Henry II, she is a woman with a lively intellect who takes a keen interest in government and who will deeply mark the court, intrigues and the king, 20 years his junior. Had she set up her own box, Diane de Poitiers certainly would have done so around a revolutionary product whose recipe would have been kept very secret. A product that will change the face of the world or… In fact, the king’s mistress has only one ambition in life: to remain young and beautiful for eternity. According to research from the British Medical Journal that examined her body, her hair has a high concentration of gold. An observation due to the fact that, every morning, Diane prepared an elixir of youth, which was made of a potable gold solution. A product that is a little match to our existing anti-wrinkle creams. Could “Diane’s Elixir” Pass Test Benches Before Marketing? Little doubt, when researchers believe that this was the cause of his death. Madame de Poitiers will still cut out her work for us to offer a mediator with the philosopher’s stone!

Vercingetorix, Made in Golu

Head of Vercingetorix, Arvernes. It’s a very local name! No wonder when we know that, unlike the village of “Irreducible Gauls” of René Goscinny and Albert Udero, Vercingetorix center comes from what would, a few centuries later, be the kingdom of the Franks, in a village called Nemosos. Current Clermont-Ferrand. A friend of Julius Caesar for a time, he then united several Gallic chiefs and people with him to fight against the Romans and invaders! If Vercingetorix had set up his box, he would not have hesitated. Gaul above all! He must have certainly been the organizer of trade shows where local producers and producers meet to present their productions. Because the Gauls were excellent weavers (coloured fabric, quality, meticulous finishes) and goldsmiths … take no offense to the priority of those who think that the refined knowledge of the time belongs only to the Romans. Until our ancestor Vercingétorix focused on the production and export of Gallic wines abroad? In the form of a spear with Made in Gaul!

Napoleon Bonaparte, Victorious Takeover

If you travel to Europe and talk about history with your interlocutors, they will have only one name in their mouths to personify the Golden Age of France: Napoleon I. The emperor marked the French and European minds with his popularity and his battles. The British feared his ambition when he threatened to create “dynasties” on his land in order to establish a lasting peace. The Swiss remember a great man who served as a mediator during their civil war (yes!) and pay tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte for participating in the building of their country. The Napoleon-entrepreneur, as one might imagine, is a cold-blooded man who knows what he wants: to be number 1, no matter what. He will head a multinational company that will gradually crush its competitors in the region. Also a courageous fellow, head on his shoulders, and a stubborn warrior, he did not make room for others. Because he knows where he comes from. Starting from scratch, he has only one passion: to be the head of an empire. In war as in war!

Margaret Thatcher, Management with an Iron Fist

In the aisles of his business, no one would dare to call the boss by his first name. It’s still the old days, and management at start-ups, where acquaintance is only a banal, is light years away from Thatcher Company. Here it is “March or die!” Like the era. », less obscenity. Because madam leader, who always says what she thinks and always thinks what she says, is careful not to be too clear about herself. A woman of strength and character, she does not hesitate to cut company budgets and plan redundancies when it is necessary to maintain a straight course without deviation. Margaret Thatcher-entrepreneur, like the British statesman, did not reach the top of the pyramid by chance. Coming from a modest family, the daughter of a grocer and a tailor, she knows what a price she had to pay for her achievements: work, consistency and more work. He fears for his perseverance. Little appreciated by some, its strategic wave would influence generations of entrepreneurs that followed, who would add more water to their wine.

Leader of Hope Mahatma Gandhi

Like Gandhi, there are entrepreneurs who were not born entrepreneurs, like great men who never considered themselves important to themselves. Ruler Gandhi is one of them, in spite of himself, the lord of men. The strength of his conviction is based on the fact that he always teaches his team by example and thinks honestly about what he believes in. This is what motivates his employees without really realizing it. He is like that, Gandhi-entrepreneur. Walking for hours barefoot on the ground and head in the clouds, quite lost and utopian, idealizing a better world. His values ​​which inspired him to build his company in the ecological and environmental business inspired him to dream more about his company and to change the course of his time. Consolidating a small circle first, before influencing larger groups, it is certain that the Bapu (father)-Pathak’s charisma makes him famous.
If they are more interested in economic nonviolence rather than aggressive, it is almost certain that we will hear about them later. A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest, he likes to tell. And don’t forget, he knows a thing or two about vegetation!

Elvis Presley, Marketing of the Myth

There’s the man, Elvis, and there’s the picture. He himself said. That man is “The King”, the pioneer of rock and roll, the artist who sold 700 million records during his lifetime and in 1973 in the first televised concert. The image is a sequenced copy of Elvis still singing on the stages of Parisian cabaret and at the village’s votive festivals. Because if Elvis is one of the first to surf “music marketing”, the entrepreneur Elvis (let’s say “King” isn’t dead, but has changed his life) has chosen to surf on his deathbed, Or at least the myth of his death. Shadow. The “Candlelight” ceremony every year, in front of his property in Memphis, the virtual world tour “Elvis the Concert,” has sold 400 million records since 1977… Good to keep up the booster shots for an entrepreneur like Elvis.
If he had launched his box, the singer would have done everything the same way at the level of communication: creating a desire and an expectation, a steady return, the importance of storytelling…. Perhaps, on the other hand, they may have avoided that paleontologists had named Elvisaurus to a dinosaur whose crest gave researchers what it called its hairstyle. Sell ​​Your Brand Name Yes, but not at all costs!

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