Virtual Experience: The Metaverse Is Moving Forward

As the social network Facebook decided to change its name to Meta, it seems that the Metaverse has captured a dimension of future possibilities. If for many people, they remained from the world of science fiction, it has come to a certain consistency today. Some developments like video games had already shown us its potential but what do the French hold about their future today.

The study report from Dynata, the world’s largest data platform for insight, activation and measurement, sheds light on this perception by surveying more than 11,000 consumers in 11 countries (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands). Decided to put , Italy, China, Japan and Australia) and launched its report “The New Experience Economy”.

Main data of the study

First, 43% of French people would be interested in a variety of virtual experiences. So there is a real appetite for this type of novelty. Among these and in order of importance:

  • 51% from visiting a museum/art gallery/art exhibition
  • 45% by a show in theatre, opera or dance.
  • 44% by music festival
  • 43% by safaris, zoo visits, etc.
  • 40% by class for fun (dancing, cooking/baking, art, creative writing, etc.
  • 40% per trip
  • 40% off fitness class (Peloton, Apple Fitness, etc.)

It will be understood, the desired virtual experiences are varied and can affect everyone.

An acceleration linked to the pandemic

If this event has experienced such a rapid rise, it is certainly not because Facebook has become a company meta. The first reason remains the advent of the pandemic which prompted many French people to test experiences through lessons and ways of socializing with friends without meeting them physically. Like any future trend, the new generation is the early adopter, with Generation Z (25 and under) being the most receptive with 40%, followed by Millennials (25-39) with 30%. Like all tech habits, this trend has trouble being accepted by Baby Boomers (ages 56-74), of whom only 8% are interested.

What should break the metaverse first

When Dynata asked French how the Metaverse would affect his life, the most popular answers were cultural experiences, games and games, and finally shopping. which led :

Cultural experience for 26% of respondents

  • Sports and games for 16% of respondents
  • Shopping for 15% of respondents
  • Tasks for 12% of respondents
  • Socialization for 12% of respondents. ,

No one questions the fact that other applications should also be very popular, especially as various senses (besides sight and hearing) can be activated in the metaverse, such as taste, smell and of course touch. Even if we still don’t know how to overcome this challenge in the future because no one doubts, it will.

A world that will be the future of the Internet

What is certain is that this parallel world will probably represent the future of the Internet, at least for generations to come. If we leave out the disastrous scenarios, it is clear that a good portion of our physical activities, which we thought impossible on the Internet, have now become commonplace on the Internet. As technologies improve, the incidence should continue to increase. You only have to look at the proportions of couples that form via the Internet to understand that the metaverse must play strongly on our daily lives, whether we like the phenomenon or not.

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