These examples of successful moms and entrepreneurs

Being a mother and an entrepreneur is no longer a hindrance to success. If linking family life and running a business proves to be a challenge, many women have gone up to it with flying colors. But how were these mother-entrepreneurs able to balance family life and professional life?

Sandra Legrand’s career as an entrepreneur is an example of success and she told us during an interview for Dynamic how she was able to center her mandate as a mother.

“If one mandate is given precedence over the other two, I will prioritize my role as a mother. I created my company when my kids were one and three years old respectively, which turned out to be a good option. At that age children sleep, eat, growl. On the other hand, between the ages of six and fourteen, they need you a lot and you ask them to take you to sports, to see friends, to enroll them in courses; They need a lot of listening, they are sensitive to your presence on school walks or school outings. Failing to pick them up at 4:30 pm, pain or chocolate in the handbag! With children, there are certain rituals or appointments that are extremely important to them and which we must respect: being present on the chosen day to have lunch with them, organizing their birthdays, going to school parties and so on. Most of all, cancel not finding bad excuses. ,

Yahoo and Java: Marissa Mayer and Safadra Ada Katz

Marissa Mayer and Safadra Ada Katz, the owners of Yahoo and Oracle, are digital heavyweights, with annual remunerations of $42.1 and $37.7 million, respectively! The main advantage of being formidable businessmen is the main advantage of these best-paid mentors in the world. Faced with stiff competition from digital multinationals, CEOs of Yahoo and Oracle are adopting the same code of social marketing and management as their male counterparts. As well as mothers of many children, she advises mothers to equip themselves with the best tools that can help them organize their work and personal lives better. Electronic diaries and digital tablets are essential aids for them to follow stock market and financial news so that they can be responsive and operational, but also manage their children’s schedules and not forget their activities.

Isabel Marant and IM Production

Women have cleverly made adjustments in studies, family life and professional career. This is the case of Isabelle Marant, founder of an IM production site specializing in ready-to-wear and costume jewellery. Showing a growth rate of around 90 percent for a 31% workforce, the site manager knows how to show the authority and managerial qualities to grow their business. The stylist then admits that as a mother, fashion has always been her first passion and grooming young mothers is a privilege for her. So she opted for a company whose core activity allows her to bring her own knowledge and information to the mother.

Natasha Quester-Siemon Girl Power 3.0. From

A lack of network and professional knowledge is often cited as a major drawback of entrepreneurs who want to be successful. Yet with more than 8,800 followers on Twitter, media expert Natasha Quester-Samone is a shining example of success. By founding Girl Power 3.0, a think tank specializing in digital technology and intent on helping women, she proves that building women’s networks is possible. She gives advice to moms who want to be successful helping each other and building their own network in small groups. Thus by forming a majority group, mothers have enough time to organize more flexible working hours. To help them, an application allows you the time spent on each activity. Toggle Timer, available on the iPhone, allows you to organize all your projects during the day and time spent on each task. This application is especially useful for evaluating the time spent on certain activities, not for example, working too long on a file to the detriment of your children.

Eliot Trocheris from Koch & Company

With 70% of women entrepreneurs surveyed admitting that it is often difficult to balance family life and professional life, according to the ACPE survey, Eliette Techeris proves it is possible to change this figure. As the head of a management and professional support company that already has 5 franchises, this mom of 5 admits that she only works according to her kids’ schedule. Thus the position of business manager allows him to adapt his working conditions to his family life without going through the constraints of hierarchy. She can also communicate with her colleagues and delegate some time-consuming tasks. So it is imperative for an enterprising mother not to wish to manage everything alone, who should also participate in the education of her children.

Soflacobat by Annick Barrier

This 59-year-old woman has started her own construction company. Soflacobat is now a company with over 52 employees. She was able to impose herself in an essentially male environment while being present with her children. Working from home a few days a week can allow women entrepreneurs to be productive while at home with the kids. This way they can manage their professional imperatives (telephone appointments, manage files on the computer, discuss with their colleagues) while agreeing to some pleasant moments in the family during the day.

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