These computer tricks you need to know

There are many ways to save time in front of your screen. Here are computer tricks you need to know and absolutely master to save a lot of time.

keyboard shortcuts

Although difficult to remember at first, they represent a time saving that can prove to be huge. You should master them thoroughly as you will definitely be dividing your time by two to complete most of the tasks on your computer.

Main ones:

  • Ctrl + C (or apple) to copy,
  • Ctrl + X to cut,
  • Ctrl + V to paste,
  • Ctrl + A to select all,
  • Ctrl+Z to undo,
  • Ctrl + Y to redo
  • Shift + F3 to switch to upper or lower case!

Of course, others can save you time, especially those related to layout (bold, italic, underline) or even saving or printing. Don’t hesitate to learn them by heart.

Another tip: Instead of constantly clicking your mouse, you can swing from window to window with the Alt and Tab keys. To do this, you need to hold down the Alt key while clicking on the Tab key until you reach the desired icon.

Selecting the table by double-clicking

Instead of selecting an entire table with your mouse cursor, all you have to do is click on the first compartment of the table. Next, hold down the Shift key while clicking the last box. This way, the table will be completely selected. This trick is also useful for selecting a column or a row. Be careful not to select the entire row or column when you only have part of it to correct.

Sound Alert

To prioritize sending important messages, you can use the “Create a rule” tool. This way, you will be able to automatically delete your unwanted emails in the spam box. You can also activate a sound alert when certain emails arrive.

If it takes a little time each day, it’ll save you annoyance with all the voice alerts on emails that had little interest.

protect work documents without alteration

To be able to save your initial documents without mixing them, you just need to save them in Word format. To do this, you need to click on the “Version” management tool in the “File” selection, then you need to click on “Save”.

Well-being: Relief to the eyes

Increase and decrease the size of your Excel files with the Ctrl key on the keyboard and the corresponding mouse wheel. This function is also valid on PowerPoint, Word and your web browser. Holding the mouse with the wheel saves a lot of time for some tasks.

distribution list creation

Are you tired of wasting time sending your emails? Make a list of recipients in advance to make it easier for you. By selecting the “Actions” menu in your Outlook contacts and then clicking “New Distribution List,” you’ll be able to select your recipients by entering the initials of their appointment.

apply repetitive formatting

Instead of wasting your time putting the same formatting on each slide, click “Slide Master” in the “View” option so that you can apply it to the entire presentation.

short writing

To automatically correct your acronym in Word, right-click on it and choose “AutoCorrect” followed by “AutoCorrect Options.” This way, every time you type the abbreviation the word processor will automatically replace your abbreviation.

quick email response

To swing from one email to another in a fraction of a second, just type Ctrl+R. If you want to forward it, press Ctrl+F. To reply to all emails, type Ctrl+SHIFT+R. And finally, if you want to clear the message, press Ctrl+D.

Compose Email Without Connecting Outlook

You can send an email by closing your Outlook, right-clicking it and selecting the “New” option, then the “Shortcut” option. Type “mailto:” followed by a semicolon to separate the recipient’s email. Once you log in to Outlook, your email will be sent automatically.

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