These Celebrities Who Make Their Own Cosmetics Brand

Cosmetics remains a very enthusiastic field for many entrepreneurs. The stars do not miss this detail and decide to put their image at the service of their business. Followed by millions of people, their communication campaign has already been ensured, thanks to audiences who want to identify with these celebrities. Between makeup, care cream and wellbeing tea, here are five stars who decided to launch their own cosmetics brand.

rihanna, fenty beauty

Singer Rihanna launched her new cosmetics brand: Fenty Beauty in early September. A brand that aims to “speak to all women” and focuses on a wide choice of skin tones. The young woman bases her business on multiculturalism so as not to leave any consumer aside. “It was really important to me. There had to be something for the dark skin, the light skin, the in-between.” Explains the young artist at the launch of her brand. The young woman traded the hat of an international star for an entrepreneur and chose the development sector of cosmetics. “Makeup is for fun and shouldn’t be forced or felt like a uniform. Be free to seize opportunities, take risks, dare to try something new or different” She believes.

The brand, sold in Sephora stores, has found great success among American and French consumers. An undeniable success for the young woman who was able to take her brand to over $72 million in just two months. a record.

Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics

The Australian supermodel launched her own cosmetics brand in 2009. As a model, skin and body care is an essential step in a young woman’s daily life. It was naturally that she decided to create Kora Organics, a product designed to nourish, regenerate and hydrate skin. This series of treatments, the ingredients of which mainly come from organic farming, were developed by experts. Anti-aging creams, soothing mist, luxurious oils: a set of organic products that captivate consumers. The vegetarian model has made it an honor to keep naturalness at the center of its range.

Jessica Alba, Honest Beauty

Famous actress Jessica Alba is not new to entrepreneurship. Founder of The Honest Company, which specializes in organic baby products and is now worth nearly a billion dollars. A big bet for the girl “People only see me as this pretty girl in a bikini, not necessarily smart. With a lot of ‘good luck’, or ‘going back to better perfumes,’ it took over three years to build this business But I have no regrets. » In 2015, she launched her own cosmetics brand: The Honest Beauty. Cosmetic products that should respect the same ecological and responsible values ​​as their big sister. The actress is also keen to make a mark on multiculturalism by offering products suitable for all castes. The brand offers creams, serums and makeup at affordable prices ranging from $8 to $40.

Madonna, MDNA Skin

After selling over 300 million records, Madonna is swapping her singer hat for an entrepreneur. It interferes with our bathrooms and provides its cosmetics brand MDNA Skin (in partnership with Japanese brand MTG). Products against impurities, clay masks, serums, that’s what the brand is made of. After months of research in laboratories, the range was available to the general public. “Using these products every day as part of your beauty ritual helps firm, resistant skin[…]burst with energy after each application” Ensures star site. An expensive promise since the latter offers its products at high prices ranging from 100 to 500 euros. Available in Japan and the United States, the brand is accessible to French thanks to its online site.

Caroline Receiver, Wonder T

The former French TV host left the television world to devote herself to her new brand: Wondertea after her appearance on the show “Dancing with the Stars”. Teas that are said to be natural remedies for skin problems like “dullness”. The young woman began her project as a tea drinker herself, but didn’t necessarily find one that suited her. “By digging the internet and trying different products, I realized that some herbal teas or some teas were either too abrasive/laxative or ineffective or even “boring” in taste, effect, and packaging. I felt there was a market to win, something new to offer, and so I turned to a renowned herbalist to create effective plant blends,” she explains on the beauty website. Father. On its way to success with the expansion of its brand “I am delighted to be contacted by various concept stores to market them in-store, along with receiving positive feedback, satisfied feedback from our customers”, A promising future for the young French entrepreneur.

Kylie Jenner, creator of Kylie Cosmetics

Launched in November 2015 by the youngest of the Kardashian clan, the company’s ambition was to sell only a kit of liquid lipsticks and matching pencils. However, they decided to expand their range and offer a set of cosmetic products before launching a skincare range: “Kylie Skin”. Today young Jenner’s company offers makeup products: lip tint, eye and eyebrow products.

KKW. Producer of Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West launched her own makeup brand in 2017. Kim K first decided to offer her essential makeup: the contouring kit. Composed of contouring and highlighting products, this kit allows everyone to be beautiful. Then the star decided to expand her range of beauty products and even ventured into the world of perfumes.

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