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As part of measures to simplify and modernize business processes initiated by the PACTE law, INPI has been appointed to manage a dedicated one-stop electronic counter for business formalities. What is this about? We explain everything about this new one-stop shop for business formalities.

What is the Single Window for Business Formalities?

Until now, entrepreneurs and companies had to carry out their legal procedures, from the creation of their activity to the termination of their activity, with various interlocutors (CFEs) depending on the nature, legal form and domicile of the activity:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI);
  • Chamber of Trade and Crafts (CMA);
  • Registry of Commercial Court;
  • National Chamber of Artisanal Skippers (CNBA);
  • Ursaf;
  • Chambers of Crafts (CA);
  • Business Tax Service (SIE).

The processes can be done physically and/or online depending on the CFE concerned.

The PACTE law of 2019 plans to simplify these legal processes by creating a single site for all entrepreneurs, which makes it possible to complete all legal formalities of business online.

How do I access a single window?

Guichet Unique is available from a new government website.

From 2023, it will certainly replace the Guichet Entreprise site as well as the sites of various competent CFEs.

nice to know

The new site not only allows you to take your processes online, but also monitor their processing thanks to a single dashboard. So you will get to know the processing status of your previous and current processes.

Can the formalities be completed?

The one-stop shop for business formalities is aimed at all businesses, irrespective of legal status or nature of activity. It deals with the processes relating to the creation, modification and termination of a business, and in particular:

formalities possible (yes/no)
Registration Yes
Transfer of Registered Office or Establishment Yes
opening of an establishment Yes
Change of leader, manager, partner Yes
change of corporate name Yes
Activity related modifications (expansion, acquisition, etc.) Yes
amendment of laws Yes
increase in capital Yes
sale of shares Yes
cessation of activity Yes

Is it mandatory to use a one-stop formality desk?

The implementation of this new one-stop shop for business formalities will take place over several months from January 1, 2022. During the transitional phase until 31 December 2022, companies can choose between continuing with their formalities directly with their competent CFE, or proceeding. With online process through new site.

The use of a one-stop shop for business formalities will be mandatory for all businesses from January 1, 2023, irrespective of the legal process.

questions to ask

What is a Business Formalities Desk?

Business Formality Counter is a single interface, which aims for all businesses to take their legal processes online. It replaces CFE.

When should a single window be used for business formalities?

Formalities to be done with a one-stop-shop related to all the processes of creating, modifying and winding up a business.

When should the Business Formalities Desk be used?

The Business Formalities Counter can be used from January 1, 2022 and will become mandatory from January 1, 2023.

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