Senior, Champion of Adaptation and Retraining

Seniors have continued to adapt to innovations and changes in society as it must be recognized that the upheavals since their youth have been intertwined and each decade they follow their path of re-training for further inquiries. got his share. Attention senior designers.

It is enough just to follow the evolution of word processing to measure the potential for experience and constant renewal of superiors. In 1980, there were typists across the room, whose hallmark and in-demand skill was knowing how to type quickly and without fail. Similarly, for accountants who prepared invoices by hand. But these skills, which were also crowned by diplomas, would undergo a real metamorphosis with computers that offered tools to acquire in just a few clicks the tools they had so much difficulty mastering (Table, Calculation…). There is no other possibility other than optimization. So they had to learn a new profession not only by being marginalised, but at the same time with the difficulty of competing with young people born with the latest equipment. Likewise, they have been living without telephones for more than thirty years, and as if by the wave of the magic wand, communication has become the new deal with social networks that have spread everywhere. They have gone from an era when the car was a symbol of wealth and freedom to an era when it became synonymous with the destruction of the planet. They went from an era of overconsumption to an era of restrictions with epidemics and there was a big difference again. The list of innovations is very long and each reader can add one innovation that he has experienced and which has positive and negative consequences.

In teams, being a senior means being a champion of adaptation

What are the strengths of superiors to start a business?

1 – Experience
2 – Specialization
3 – Address Book
4 – network and even network
5 – Availability
6 – Learning Ability
7 – Ability to bounce back
8 – Ability to overcome challenges, setbacks

but they also want

  • to enjoy life
  • to come true
  • being independent (no more hierarchies)
  • to stay active
  • To preserve a prosperous social life
  • To spread an experience to contribute to the growth of the economy
  • To enrich a career with an ultimate experience.

What are the reasons that motivate a senior to set up a business?

In the job market often described as unfavorable for seniors, the fifties are experienced by creators over 50 as the ideal time to build a business to bounce back. You can say that there are two types of seniors

  • good working senior
    – Reduced family barriers: Absence of dependent children
    – Reduction in financial constraints: no loans to repay
    – the owner of their residence
  • Seniors undergoing retraining
    – dismissal
    Difficulty in finding work again due to higher wages than the market
  • Seniors, supporting their families, past retirement age
    – The need to provide for blended families and with young children
    – the need to provide long-term study for children
    – Need to support your unemployed children

And then the desire to put butter in spinach in the context of the crisis.
The recruiters they refer to as “seniors” are increasingly dynamic, open to the world, and connected. Suffice it to observe trips to the most unusual destinations that they didn’t stop starting before the pandemic. Many, it has become clear, have no desire to go for early retirement.

Feather Know !

Like all business creators, Silver entrepreneurs can benefit from dedicated support from a variety of associations, foundations, and public structures. These services typically offer orientation courses, skills diagnostics, and help find funding. Some offer modules specifically dedicated to seniors, for example to help them hone their mastery of new equipment.

In which areas are they setting up their business?

Consulting (in business and management consulting activities and engineering and technical study activities) and business services seem to be his favorite areas. But the retail business is also getting some success.

because of this incident

The Observatoire des MĂ©tiers du Futures in its study highlights that while being the fastest growing segment of the labor market, older workers represent a significant portion of the workforce. In addition to the wealth of knowledge and practical experience they bring to the workplace, they are an invaluable source of diversity for companies. The aim of this study is to encourage companies to move beyond age-related stereotypes and hire senior employees, develop and retain skills. With regard to the motivation of seniors, the results of the OMF survey show that senior employees are rated as much more motivated or even higher than younger employees (89% of the responses). This is an important result for companies, as several studies have shown that employee engagement generates higher levels of productivity, greater customer satisfaction, better product quality, and fewer work-related incidents.

Since the creation of self-employment status and the right to combine employment and retirement, seniors have not hesitated to take on new challenges. In France, each year, approximately 90,000 senior citizens engage in business creation. You should also know that job seekers who are compensated in poll employees over the age of 50 can benefit from compensation for up to 36 months (compared to 24 months for those under 50). It is entirely possible to combine your retirement pension with new income earned from your business. Senior entrepreneurs over 50 represent 24% of the working population, but 16% are business creators as well. 22 million seniors have already built their business but in 2030 there will be 30 million! Figures revealing the mobility of superiors. In fact, one in five managers have started creation after 50 years. The ex-executives are 36.8% to be self-employed and 50% to build a business. In addition, entrepreneurs over 60 represent 26.8% or more than a quarter of creators. But to complete our analysis, let us cite a statistic that will surprise no one given that 51% of them are unemployed or inactive at the time of their formation. Seniors are considered an economic force as the AFE believes they will be at the core of 1.3 million jobs creation.

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