Role of a web agency in the growth of a company

Today, no one doubts that the Internet represents a source of opportunities for businesses. If it is clear that in the beginning of the web, simply having a website may be enough for it to work, then shows the presence of many professions like web developers, seo, web designers, ergonomists, seo writers, etc. We know that today drilling on canvas has become much more complicated. It is often a question of approaching a web agency to get exposure.

commercialization of digital communications

If in the past, it was possible to get started in digital communication as an amateur by collecting information from right and left, then it is clear that today this is not possible unless you want to get average results with close visibility. Tweaking is no longer enough to appear in the first results of search engines, quite simply because almost all companies out there with at least one showcase site. To stand out today it’s a question of setting a real strategy and getting a certain amount of information so that your site appears in the first pages of search engines, but also so that your website is effective once the visitor arrives.

understand some concepts

Before approaching the first web agency that comes up, it is essential to master a few basics. first concern effectiveness of your website, It is not enough that it exists and people come there to buy your products. If we call web agencies today, it is already for this reason. There are a lot of parameters to keep in mind that will affect your conversion rate such as ergonomics, customer journey to your site (by asking you if, for example, they get the information they want quickly) or even That fact should also be taken for granted. Accounts that your site may invite them to do more than a simple purchase (especially by making recommendations for example). second point is visibility of your website, You have the best website with the best offer and cheapest… and hence it is essentially visible to your customers. We often talk about context. It already starts with the way your site is designed, but doesn’t stop there and can depend on your overall marketing strategy, whether paid (say SEA) or free (say SEO) referenced.

hire a web agency

For some time, web agencies were asked to make websites compatible with all media (responsive computers, tablets and mobiles) as the traffic is no longer moving only through desktop computers but through tablets or smartphones. It is a basis for any website worthy of the name and you can even find it on a basic website, intended only to be visible to those who know it. Today, if there is such a demand for web agencies, it is because companies have understood that it is not just a question of having a website to work with. Once they make it, they know really well that it’s not enough for the traffic to come from magic. After a few days of operation, he understood the interest of having better references on search engines like Google and became interested in SEO and SEA. Web agencies then help them build a complete digital strategy to bring in customers because traffic is rarely an effect of chance. It is usually here that it is necessary to be interested in concepts such as keywords and tags, purchase of sponsored articles, Adwords campaigns, advertising banners …

useful from the start

If web agencies are often asked to optimize SEO, companies tend to forget that there is not enough traffic for visitors to buy from it. They then understand that it is a question of optimizing conversion rate, improving customer journey or even ergonomics. Then they are interested in the assumptions that should be considered when launching a website. Even if it is often possible to rectify the situation, it is clear that you will surely have lost some of your prospects who may not want to return to your website to repeat the experience. If you want to reassure yourself in this matter, know that it is rare for a website once installed to remain stable for a lifetime. There comes a time when a site, even though it has been an object of praise from all sides, becomes obsolete due to technological advances and many other reasons. The realities and rules of yesterday are not those of today, for example, the influence of social networks today that did not exist yesterday. Technology has evolved and continues to do so consistently.

Other reasons to use

If you want to call on a web agency to help you with your web transition, that’s a real labyrinth for non-experts. It is common to call on this as the company rarely has all the skills of digital communication and trades within it like web developer, seo, web designer, ergonomist, seo writer etc. Having it often represents an impossible payroll burden for a company. You can also think about creating web applications to help manage the daily lives of teams or customers: messaging, webmail, agendas, customer areas, … or even in a specific launch Attending or just for maintenance

web agency selection

The agency proves to be a support and advice in order to successfully attract clients but also improve conversion rates. The proximity to your agency or at least its availability should not be neglected, especially if you decide to use an agency where you are. If you live in the Somme or Hauts-de-France, sometimes calling a web agency in Amiens (80) is easier than calling an agency based in Nice, even though today remote conversations are entirely possible from

Another criterion is its reliability. This is obvious because a quality web agency has references and can show you what it has done, has been successful and therefore provides visibility to other clients.

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