Netlinking is a natural referencing technique. It contains links that point to your website to show that these sites trust you. The more the site that points to you is an authority site, the stronger the profit.

What is backlink?

Basically, you need to understand what a backlink is if you want to use it. This is a hypertext link to a site other than your own that points to your site. We are talking about an external link that can oppose an internal link and the overall net. The fact that this link exists demonstrates to search engines that your site is appreciated by the other site because it points to you. Just like in real life, the more credible the person who quotes you, the more you benefit. The link works as a recommendation.

utility of netlinking

This approach makes it possible to generate traffic by bringing quality Internet users to your site. For the person setting up the link, it makes it possible to satisfy his Internet user by giving him additional information or links to sites that he considers relevant. It is mainly because it improves natural contexts that it is desired by many sites. In fact, the more quality links that point to you, the higher you go up in the search engine results.

yes but just no link

If before 2012, the strategy was simple and multiplying the links on the maximum number of sites was enough to go up in the search engine results, now it is not so. It must be said that many sites have misused this technique to cheat the SERPs and move up in the results through link exchange partnership agreements. Since that date, Google has developed its Google Penguin Filter to eliminate this manipulation. It seeks to penalize sites that attempt to create artificial links. The technique, which often involved inserting mass links into a few articles, is therefore now completely counterproductive.

referring sites or domains

This is how the concept of referring domains or authority sites appeared. Google now ranks sites based on their popularity. The change lies in the fact that now it is not judged according to the number of links pointing to your site, but the fact that the site pointing to you is judged as quality as well as articles . It should respect the basic principles like being in https, having good loading speed or even the article is well constructed. In other words, Google pays attention to the quality of the links you receive and verifies that you are not trying to manipulate it. If he believes it, you will be punished.

qualities of a good backlink

For a link to be positive, it is first necessary to take into account the theme of the site or article it points to: it is considered positive if the theme of the site is close to or related to yours. This is even more true for the article under consideration. If there’s no reason why it cited you using the link, it’s hard to see why a site would point to you. Other elements should be taken into account such as the position of your link on the page: it is better if it is in the body than in the footer. Note that a good backlink usually comes from a site with a high PageRank.

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