Innovative and efficient French unicorn

French unicorns are not satisfied with one area to develop their talents and meet the needs of both companies to become more efficient than consumers who cannot. Only to save enough money and protect the planet.

Miracle First Marketplace Solutions Publisher

Rating September 2020

Miracle, the new French unicorn after a $300 million fundraiser

E-commerce platform publisher Miracle turns into a unicorn after a record fundraiser.

Miracle, created in 2012 by Philippe Corot and Adrian Nussembaum, is at the heart of distribution companies’ e-commerce strategy. This provides them with the software to compete with giants like Amazon. In record time, Miracle has established itself as a leader in marketplace software solutions. Miracle supports distributors, e-merchants, media sites and telecommunications players in their marketplace project by offering its Miracle Marketplace Platform © solution. In France, it works with Carrefour, Conforama, Office Depot or Darty, but internationally with BestBuy, Kroger or Walmart. To get paid, Miracle charges a percentage of the sales made by its customers. With over 300 customers, 40,000 sellers worldwide, Miracle is establishing itself as the marketplace solution for today and tomorrow. It has just raised 473 million euros ($555 million) to accelerate its development.

“By founding Miracle, we were convinced that we were entering an era that has broken with traditional business models, where the customer will be at the center of everything, giving leaders more options to transform their organizations. It needs to bring more services where and when it wants to. It was an ambitious vision and we worked courageously to implement it systematically in partnership with our customers.”

Philippe Corot, President and Co-Founder of MiraCli

Back Market, Repackaging to Protect the Planet

Evaluation of May 2021

Digital Customer Service Manager - Back Market - French Tech Bordeaux

BackMarket, a platform for refurbished electronic products, is the leading marketplace for refurbished electronic products.

Founded in 2014 by Thibaud Haug de Larouz, Vianney Vout and Quentin Le Brouster, the French start-up has 480 employees, spread between Paris, Bordeaux, New York and Berlin. The company is present in thirteen countries, including France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. For the founders, international openness is a priority. As of 2016, the back market has developed in Germany and Spain. The agility of the model (no stocks, therefore no working capital) is a key asset. The opening of an office in New York gave him the opportunity to gain a strong notoriety. The containment due to the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed the company to double its sales. It then claims 1,200 repackaging partners. Today, for the protection of the planet, it is necessary that we stop throwing indiscriminately. The ability to repair has become an indispensable value. It was a trend to own the latest model, now the budget has also imposed its priority.

“We want to protect the strong values ​​around the circular economy: How to consume differently? Optimize our resources? Build a virtuous system of consumption by taking advantage of the progress of the Third Industrial Revolution? All these questions drive the Back Market Project.” give meaning and depth, which affirms loudly and clearly that products already in use are not necessarily obsolete!”

Back Market co-founder Thibaud Haug de Larouz

Voodoo, a unicorn specializing in mobile gaming

Assessment August 2020

Time to pitch - from training to transformation

Launched in 2013 by Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter, Voodoo has carved an international niche in video games by becoming a world reference in a very promising space called “hyper-relaxed”, which means – say – titles that are very easy to learn. And whose parts do not exceed a few minutes.

Voodoo Games now has over 300 million monthly active users and over 5 billion downloads. Today Voodoo has opened its offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, Montreal, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, London, Singapore … Voodoo has just taken a new step as investment company Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) initially invested 266 million euros Is. -up bringing its valuation to 1.7 billion euros. However, the health crisis hasn’t been favorable as people play this type of game a lot especially when traveling by public transport, but the company has more than one trick.

Certified Great Place to Work® in June 2020, Voodoo thrives today thanks to its strong culture as well as values ​​and symbolic practices. According to Great Place at Voodoo, employees work in small, autonomous, agile and independent teams. The company encourages ownership, innovation and creativity in a philanthropic environment where best practices are shared. If Voodoo is a great place to work now, it’s because Voodoo puts the well-being of its employees at the center of its concerns. This is why culture has a very important place in Voodoo. Employees develop in an environment designed so that their work is also a place of fulfillment. Credit to Voodoo: You! Because the individual is at the heart of the HR policy. Took
Information collected from the Great Place site

Ivalua, a high-performance purchasing management platform

Assessment August 2020

Ivalua is developing SaaS purchase management software. Evalua is one of the leading publishers in the global market for e-purchasing solutions today.

The company was created in 2000 by David Khuat-Dew in Orsay and has developed a purchasing empowerment platform. It provides a single organic application for indirect and direct enterprise-wide management, service procurement, complex expense, project management, asset and tooling, naming, expense and l business intelligence. The company serves the automotive, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, oil, gas, final energy, public sector, retail and retail industries, retail and telecommunications. Ivalua serves customers worldwide such as Michelin, Valeo, EDF and Honeywell. The company employs 553 people. Supporting businesses to enable them to perform well is one of Ivalua’s challenges.

“Our core values ​​are customer-focused and customer success. This is our essential indicator.” “Being there (in the United States) has changed the game. When you open a huge market, it’s not easy to do it remotely.” On occasion, you see things differently and this allows you to function efficiently. The more the company develops, the more you need to know how to surround yourself. You have to accept being surrounded by people who are not like you and who can bring you money and sometimes you have to make decisions that are not easy.”

David Khuat, Founder and CEO of Ivalua

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