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Getting information today is child’s play and it is on all subjects. It is ubiquitous and in recent years, easily accessible on the Internet. The real difficulty is in gathering reliable information, knowing how to sort it and determining the reasons that prompted you to collect it.

use intelligent search

Nothing stops you from browsing multiple sites in multiple languages, to get information. It is then a matter of sorting the information to make your database usable. These tasks take time and the reliability of the information is sometimes questionable. This is why Intelligent Search has taken off. Also called “enterprise search”, it consists of B2B software that collects data from a variety of sources and that centralizes, sorts the information through artificial intelligence to make it more easily usable by your company’s employees. and will organize. Thus it avoids the huge task of juggling between databases and information sources.

Generally, this takes the form of a classic search engine in which you would type your query. If it’s been popular in recent years, it’s because the results are generally more reliable and verified than the results you can find on the web. Then categorized by relevance and ergonomically, your employees will only have access to it and can thus focus on value-added functions.

Reasons to manage data well

Collecting data is the last step, but you still need to know why you’re starting the practice. There are many reasons to start exercising.

1/ Improve your sales

The most common use of databases remains to acquire databases to explore and find new potential customers. However, the data is useful at many other complementary levels such as working on customer retention rates or improving your customer service. Data is used for everything related to customer acquisition, and in particular to rationalize your marketing and advertising choices, but it can go even further as data is used to perform predictive functions and predict trends in sales. Provides opportunity and therefore guides you in your strategic choices.

2/Analyze customer behavior

If databases are so useful, it is also because they allow us to better understand customers. It is ideal to have both qualitative and quantitative data on them. Very often, databases in this area are exploited very or very badly. Used well, they can allow you to determine your future purchases and encourage them to come back to you in a virtual or physical way. In most cases it is always easier to persuade a customer to repeat a purchase within your brand than it is to likely new customers. To meet your premise, you can of course collect data through surveys of your customers, for example on their degree of satisfaction.

3/ Have a better view of performance

It is often difficult to analyze the performance of a company. While indicators such as turnover are often put forward, the situation is often more complex to analyze. For example, sometimes it is a question of knowing the impact of an investment. To do this, you will need to determine the key indicators you want to analyze. Do this as soon as possible so that the data collection happens automatically. Searching data after the fact is often time-consuming and wastes your team’s time.

4/ Work on your processes

Data collection can also be used to better understand your business processes. This way you can understand each task better and check that each resource is used well. The data gives you the opportunity to analyze time wasters or processes that can be improved to waste less. Analyzing physical data can allow you to automate some of the time-consuming processes for your teams. Thus you can improve all your processes so that each of them is as efficient as possible.

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