How to properly prepare for trade show visits?

Deprived of trade shows for two years due to imprisonment and the pandemic, entrepreneurs clearly considered the trade show’s interest when they were cancelled. They allow meetings and get appointments with prospects but also oversee competition. In short, leaders get the information they need for their business, for their management. For a visit to a fair to be fruitful, it must be prepared. Otherwise, you risk wandering the corridors of the salon like a lost soul. Not only will you come home tired, disappointed, but you will also be wasting your time. At the peak of the beginning of the year, the month of March and subsequent months are an opportunity to participate in trade fairs. How to turn your travel into a business?

Select the shows that interest you

This is a chance! France has many trade fairs, whether specific to a profession (Salon des Services la Person, Congress of the Order of Chartered Accountants), oriented towards new technologies (Salon des Nouvelles Technologies and Entrepreneurs) or more general business fairs. On manufacturing (Salon des Micro-Enterprises, Salon des Entrepreneurs). They are easy to select. Many sites indicate their dates, locations and allow you to access the show’s website and study the show’s offering.
Mostly, these events happen over two days. Some last only one day and national annual appointments, in contrast, last three days. So the list of exhibitors is substantial and if you want to see as many people as possible, you have to block these dates in your schedule… add to that transportation, catering, accommodation etc. You must have understood that the fact of attending a trade show has a financial cost as well as a significant cost in time for the visitor. So it is essential to choose your fairs and favor certain events according to your objectives.

What is the purpose of attending a trade show?

Whatever the fair, you need to know what you want to get or know before you go there. For example, for a show dedicated to entrepreneurs, your objective may not necessarily be the same, whether you are a project leader, an already established self-entrepreneur or an employee in charge of marketing functions within a VSE/SME, or Whether looking for a business to acquire or looking for a franchise…
For example, you may come to learn more about building your business and learn various legal situations, or you may like to meet exhibitors to find new clients or franchises, or you may take the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops on social networks, especially From .
It won’t stop you from doing everything, almost… It’s really just a matter of timing and setting goals when going to trade shows (mentoring, training, business, partnership, etc.).

Prepare in advance before the show

Your salon is now recognized and the target objective has been set. The final stage of your preparation involves first listing the workshops, conferences and/or exhibitors that interest you according to your preferences. It then coordinates all of these into a detailed schedule for each day. For example, organize your workshops and conferences so that they follow each other correctly in the morning (and avoid the famous “hollow” 30 minutes between 2 completions because it’s hard to take advantage of) and instead spend your afternoons Dedicate to business development and meet exhibitors .
If you are looking for business, for the occasion, it may be relevant to try contacting the exhibition company a few days or weeks in advance to agree on a physical meeting on D-Day. It is more user-friendly and obviously facilitates exchanges. Take this opportunity to come up with final advice, your business card and any possible presentation support for your company. Wishing you all the best during the upcoming show!

an advice
Get in touch with people who have already attended the fair. They will tell you pitfalls to avoid waiting lists or workshops to book well in advance.

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