How to manage your time well?

Take immediate action, submit a file at the last minute, respond to all requests. After a busy day, a sense of power comes to the minds of some who have overcome it. However, to manage your time well, there are some simple yet effective tips.

Manage your time: Some people think that being organized is an innate quality, but thinking ahead is one of the best strategies.

Forecasting, Prioritizing and Planning

It’s a basic rule: Every week, a list of things to do, the famous “to do list” should be drawn up. Then, these tasks should be sorted according to the Eisenhower matrix: what is important and urgent, urgent and not important, urgent and not important, not urgent and not important. This last category of tasks should be delegated. In the end, the agenda should reflect these priorities as well as the two main principles that you have to start with doing minimalist and group activities. Clearly, opening one file for an hour every day takes longer than working on the same file simultaneously. You also have to keep a margin, and always plan for about 30% of the unexpected in a week.

Sort First!

Not a mountain of files on your desk. Sort and group similar items together. For example, collect all the posts that bother you, and write down all the information they contain on a sheet of paper (or on a digital document to avoid using paper media). Continue sorting all the other documents on your desk by theme: Invoices, Banking Services, Accounting Information, Taxes, and more.

Little Tip: Establish a file for urgent documents, and don’t hesitate to throw away papers that are clearly worthless, like empty envelopes (don’t laugh, you don’t know how many obsolete documents, drafts, used and empty envelopes can be found) are in the workspace).

use powerful tools

For fear of not getting the link, many people still have the reflex to print the information on the web for later reading.

Very simple Internet tools allow you to centralize all this information for later use:

  • Pocket:
  • Instapaper:

And finally for all note taking, software like Evernote ( (Windows, Mac, Web, Mobile) is a must! This will allow you to group all your notes, invoices, photos, ideas in a single environment. Its synchronization feature will allow you to find it all on all your devices.

No more a pile of papers! Opt for simpler and more practical software. Synchronized in the cloud, this software will allow you to find your information, no matter where you are.

Here is a list of some useful used apps:

  • Atrid:
  • Any.Do:
  • Toodledo:
  • Remember Milk:

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