How to Leverage Web-to-Store for Your Local Business?

Web-to-store describes the approach of a consumer who begins by researching the Internet before making a purchase in a store. From now on, we learn about the web, we evaluate the product and its usefulness and we proceed to place an order before going to the physical “store” and only to retrieve it. Created in the image of new Internet user practices, the concept has generated highly profitable technologies for local businesses.

Let your customers find the products, not the point of sale

Store Locator is a powerful search tool in the sense that it allows the Internet user to find points of sale in the vicinity. The web-to-store concept is even more accurate. By choosing this geolocation strategy, you facilitate access to your “Products”. The potential client is directed directly to the subject of his request. Furthermore, Alain Afelau applies this technique of e-commerce to less fruitful ones.

make hiring easy

For your local business, Web-to-Store will make it easy for you to book an appointment. Know that setting up appointments is a key element of local commerce. We are talking specifically about hairdressers, hairdressers, technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. For this type of service, the customer is looking for speed above all else: a notion that SMEs cannot ignore. Like Renault, where 80% of customers search and visit the web before visiting a store, budding companies will benefit from using web-to-store strategies.

Provide point-of-sale collection service

Offer your customers to pick up their products at the store. Ordering is done on the Internet but this sometimes saves delivery costs on top of your existing purse. McDonald’s has taken advantage of this strategy inherent in the web-to-store concept. Remember what is called ” Click and Collect ยป Other provisions are required such as having products in stock and boxes specifically dedicated for this use. Fnac also uses this technology to market its products.

Attract customers through offers and promotions

In this case, web-to-store will allow you to drive customers to your store. In most cases, these prospects are already customers that you may be contacting with the newsletter. Coupons that you can send to them serve as an interesting marketing campaign that can greatly improve your sales. We can take the example of Ikea which uses this method to attract its customers towards its new products.

Get the customer to request a quote

Web-to-store strategy par excellence, online quote requests are almost essential for local businesses. It has been proven that it is easier for a customer to request a quote via the Internet than to request one in real life. Especially since it allows you to identify their buyer profile. Hence this request creates the first contact with the customers and may lead to an actual purchase. Recommended for local businesses offering renovation services, security, plumbing, upholstery, and more.

TO KNOW: In the long term, content marketing is a web-to-store tool that will allow you to grow your business by building your brand image and strengthening the relationships you have with your customers! If you have the time and resources, feel free to create your own content.

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