How to communicate well with your shareholders?

Any sort of hierarchy within a company, the art of communication, as any entrepreneur knows, is the key to the growth of the company. Communication is important and allows for good understanding between partners. What should you do as a business leader to communicate well with your shareholders?

identify common interest

This involves identifying one or more common objectives. For this reason, studying the profiles of different shareholders is a partial solution, which may be more or less expensive depending on the size of the company.

Identify the different types of shareholders

Among your shareholders, there are those who are in the majority and others in the minority, this difference being a factor at the root of the various motivations. You can remedy this by providing accurate forecasts. In the case of SMEs and VSEs, the first shareholders are often friends, you will need to create a barrier between professional and friendly relations within the framework of your work.

trust through communication

You must establish an environment whereby your shareholders can trust you, especially the majority shareholders, through the transparency of your data. Plus, you can build up their loyalty by forming a club of shareholders. Thus, those who join are offered certain services (documents informing about the company’s growth, the possibility of visiting certain premises and training on stock exchange management, etc.) and cash benefits (some of the company’s Application of specific tariffs on products) ) The club can then reform by the creation of a committee composed of more or less number of shareholders. The members of the committee are then consulted before each general meeting or before the drafting of each year’s report. The creation of this committee thus makes it possible to give the right to speak to the shareholder, even a minority, although it is only in an advisory capacity. Also, it allows you to prepare relevant answers to the big questions that will come up in the next GA.

Communications and Annual Report

Among your shareholders, there are those who are in the majority and others in the minority, this difference being a factor at the root of the various motivations. In finance, the first medium is naturally the famous annual report and the latter should be written without much care and complexity for its good understanding by your audience which is odd. It should be noted that you have an obligation to include internal control reports and sustainable development reports in your company’s annual report.

Increase shareholder role

You should show interest to all your shareholders, and this, for example, by presenting them some projects and asking for their opinion or even asking for help. You have to listen to your shareholders, hold regular meetings, make presentations with them. It will also be necessary to show the viability of the company by respecting the objectives and ensuring that the general management or board of directors invites shareholders to general meetings. An annual report must be sent to each shareholder. For example, on your website, you can create a section that presents the various shareholders, which will make you a positive point. The presence of investors during the public presentation is evidence of good communication within the company.

company shareholders

These shareholders bring all projects and internal management back to their companies. You have to show them and convince them that the context is not the same, and to the fact that they should not build relationships with their companies.

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