How does an online casino work?

We often wonder how online casinos work and are there any differences with casinos that “land”. Coming in a variety of forms, online casinos offer a wide variety of games that capture the attention of the player. But how does it actually work?

need a license

Not everyone can start their own online casino. First of all, any honest casino must have a license so before signing up don’t hesitate to check that they have one. The latter is achieved by a government authority but there is no harmonization yet at the international level. In other words, there is not just one type of license in this field, but several, some of which are more stringent than others. Some distributors are specifically accredited, such as by commissions such as the Curaçao Online Gaming Authority, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority or even the Belgian Gambling Authority.

mandatory safety standards

Like land-based casinos, security issues arise in online casinos, especially in the era of hacking. They must have an SSL security protocol, preferably 128 bits (Secure Sockets Layer), which remains the security standard used by banks or even most e-commerce sites. They usually have in addition to an RNG generator and to go further, you can specifically look for indicators such as a seal of approval if you want to verify that the site is reliable before inserting your credit card. All these measures make it possible to verify that your data is encrypted in order to scramble your data and that it is not the purpose of hackers.

Responsible Gambling Limits

Like traditional casinos, minors cannot access them, or casinos ensure that those who spend too much are prevented from playing. Thus responsible casinos usually have a feature that allows them to restrict themselves from playing online or at least set a deposit limit. This involves a controlled registration process as you will need to provide personal information and usually your ID. While registration is generally free, or even encouraged through offers, you may sometimes have to wait for your account to activate or be able to deposit funds during checks.

on various bonuses

An online casino bonus is an amount that a casino offers to a player in addition to their deposit, so that they can play with more money than what they deposited. , You should know that a huge number of online casinos offer more or less interesting bonuses. There are several types of bonuses such as welcome bonus, no deposit offer, loyalty offer… which differentiates them from land-based casinos, which must amortize their structural cost. The bonuses offered by online casinos are all incentives to allow the player to invest more. How to separate them from each other? let’s take a look. bonus Without Deposit Is the amount that the casino pays to the player’s account without first making a deposit. bonus of when the welcome The player deposits his first liquidity into his account but this amount is not immediately available. In form of referral bonus, well known in other fields, it can benefit by recommending friends, acquaintances. about loyalty bonus it accessible to all, as it is linked to the player’s activity. And finally bonus free spins Online promotions are offered with codes that allow you to get a free spin after several spins without winning. Don’t hesitate to visit the comparators and take advantage of the best 2022 offers.

Note that most online casinos offer a mobile version that allows you to play wherever you want. This is a feature that many players appreciate.

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