How do you really capture the attention of the audience?

With webinars, we got used to hearing our own voice and, in general, its sound was unknown to us. So it was necessary to accept it and tame it. Capturing the attention of any audience is always a difficult task as each person in the audience has different expectations depending on the circumstances. As a business manager, do you have a mission to present in front of a large gathering in the coming days? The presentation should be related to a product, service or some point on which you have complete mastery, but the thought of exposing it in front of a large gathering makes you ask yourself the question? How to hold and attract the attention of an audience or gathering of several dozen, even several hundred people?

body language should never be underestimated

body language This is the key to success when you express yourself verbally regardless of the size of your audience. When you talk to someone, your message is only 30% of what you say. The gestures you make represent 70% of the message. When you have a conversation with someone without moving your hands, head and shoulders, you can immediately realize that gestures are very important in conveying a message and without them it is less likely to attract the attention of your interlocutor.

For example, Steve Jobs, a great business leader who became adept at product presentations, his calm and relaxed attitude, controlled gestures, restraint throughout the presentation, all in the image of the products he was selling ( beauty and elegance) functional, efficient and intelligent). Yours presentation The object you are presenting should reflect exactly what it is.

But you should never forget the habits that impose their own laws: it is well observed, for example, in research presentations to read their text, whereas for other interventions, it is better to see the public is so that you can broadcast your ideas or your objectives …

the richness of your words

another essential key to capturepublic attention , Make sure your topic remains consistently interesting, rich and think about popularizing it to make it understandable to the most people. Cut out the professional jargon and use simple words. As some experts like to say: Although gestures and mannerisms matter a lot, the topic remains the main source of interest in your presentation. Even if the initial topic is not very exciting, do everything possible to make it clear, lively so that it arouses the interest of as many people as possible. To do this, remember to tell it like a story by including anecdotes, rich ideas, and getting your audience talking. Please note that your presentation should not exceed 30 minutes, after which the audience’s attention span gradually wanes.

voice matters a lot

Remember to keep your voice and play in different tempos according to your words. A monotonous tone will lose your audience. Instead, play a variety of tones to convey the key elements of your message. That’s why variation in voice is an essential key to the success of your performance. There is nothing more powerful than hearing yourself, even if when you hear your own voice it sounds alien to you. You hear what others hear and you can enrich it with vocals that will hold your audience’s attention.

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