Fund created by Jean-Bernard Lafonta that favors the long term

In a span of 12 years, HLD, a European investment group founded by Jean-Bernard Lafonta, has managed to make a name for itself in the sector. So much so that it now manages a portfolio of 18 companies for a cumulative turnover of EUR 2 billion and an average annual growth of 12%. Its recipe for success? Investment vision based on promoting long-term and strategic values.

When we talk about the world of finance, the saying “time is money” quickly comes to mind. However, the discovery of immediate benefits is not imprinted in the DNA of HLD, the European investment fund created in 2010 by Jean-Bernard Lafonta.

The latter has actually set up their company in France from a unique model: investing with permanent capital. This uniqueness allows Jean-Bernard Lafonta to support the companies in which he invests to develop his potential for the time needed. So they can grow peacefully, and thus create maximum value. Also, HLDs have shaped their knowledge into “private equity” (invested capital).

, Our long-term horizon allows us not to rely on cycles and to consider acquisitions or structure projects for our companies. We are not constrained by settlement deadlines, this is a very important competitive advantage for the managers of the companies in which we invest”, develops Jean-Bernard Lafonta. This approach makes HLD both a partner and mentor to the “nuggets” long enough to solidify their leadership.

A long-term strategy that seems to be paying off. Indeed, the group of Jean-Bernard Lafonta is today a powerful conglomerate that manages a portfolio of 18 successful companies from various fields of activity (Kiloutou, 52 Entertainment, Ba&Sh, Fotonis, Safety Systems Group, Rafaut, Tessy, Alivi, Alchimi, M-Cube) Digital Engagement, Rafaut, Jimmy Fairey…). Together, they do a turnover of 2 billion euros, and have an average annual growth of 12%.

Jean-Bernard Lafonta has also built the development of HLD on an ambitious sustainable investment policy. 2019 was also a significant year in terms of CSR, as HLD placed the ESG criteria at the center of its growth strategy. From now on, the group is streamlining the ESG due diligence processes as a pre-requisite for its investments. In addition, Jean-Bernard LaFonta’s company aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its portfolio by at least 4% each year, through issuance of durable bonds. Last May, HLD successfully issued its first issue of stability-linked bonds for an amount of €47 million.

In order to make the general public and companies aware of the challenges of conserving the environment, the group is also adopting a CSR approach in the collaborative sector. We can especially mention the HLD Fund for the Mediterranean Sea, which aims to support collaborative projects working to protect the Mediterranean marine environment. On 20 May, the HLD Fund for the Mediterranean organized the very first Mediterranean Festival in Ajaccio. For three days the general public was made aware of the wealth of this sea and the dangers it poses.

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