Find out why some smartphones won’t have internet anymore

The Internet is the most powerful means of communication in the world today. It is a part of everyone’s daily life and has now become a part of our daily habits. The progress of this technology is such that, according to the latest reports, about 5 billion humans on Earth use it, or more than 60% of the world’s population. While the Internet serves as a sales tool for some brands, as a means of communication, or as a research and learning tool, it allows other users to engage in many entertainments, including games, whether on console. On or in the virtual casino. Unfortunately, thousands of smartphones may soon be denied access to the Internet. That’s what at least one computer security expert Scott Helme, who recently whistled at his blog, thinks. Zoom in on the problem and usability of the web in daily life.

Internet, a technology with many uses

The fact that some models of smartphones may suddenly be denied access to the Internet is a cause for great concern, and for good reason, no one doubts the importance of this communication device today. It has become so ingrained in our lives now that it has infiltrated many areas, be it productivity, leisure or entertainment.

Learn and work with the Internet

First of all, it should be noted that it allows users to access information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the ideal way for individuals, companies or even academics to learn about any topic or do some research. , With the Internet, you don’t need to leave your home and/or go to a library before doing a certain number of tasks.

Be it in the student sector or in the world of work, its importance has been increased by the pandemic of Coronavirus which has forced many people to work remotely. Many people have also noticed that they are just as efficient, if not more, at home and working remotely than going to the office, which helps to limit trips, reduce fatigue and reduce pollution. does. And that was not all. Possible without internet.

have fun on the web

The Internet is not only useful in a casual setting, as you also have the option of using it for online entertainment. For example, you can play millions of video games to relax from websites. You can also challenge other players online for an even better experience. Better yet, it is possible to have fun and win pockets on the Internet, and this can be done by playing on online casino sites without downloading. These casinos are convenient and you can play them anytime and anywhere. Having fun at an online casino without downloading is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, most of these sites offer a wide range of games but also bonuses to keep you entertained like never before. This is one of the reasons why more and more players choose to choose these casinos to forget about their worries a bit, and whatever their preferences are.

On online casino sites, you can play directly from the browser of your smartphone or tablet, without downloading. You don’t need to download the mobile app before spending time on your favorite game. The best part is that nowadays these platforms use the latest technologies in the world of online betting to ensure more exciting online games. They have allowed you to play in the company of live dealers around the baccarat, blackjack or even roulette tables for a few years. They actually use sophisticated cameras to broadcast the sessions in real time.

keep in touch with the internet

The web also facilitates communication between users. It allows people to send e-mails to each other and communicate with the administration. It promotes commercial communication through online platforms. From now on, business leaders and other managers just need to inform their customers or shareholders from their sites. Plus, the Internet allows people to get closer to each other through social networks like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or Instagram. These are also new platforms for interaction between celebrities and their fans or companies and customers. This explains why e-commerce has been on the rise since the advent of these social media.

Why do some mobile devices have to say goodbye to the Internet?

You get it, the web is used for many things including entertainment and earning money. Unfortunately, many owners of tablets and smartphones will not be able to access them in the coming months. Computer security expert Scott Helme is sure on his blog that most mobile devices sold before 2017 will soon be denied Internet access. It deals with about a third of mobile devices running the Android operating system.

On the other hand, not all iPhones and iPads that do not have at least the iOS10 system will not be spared either. As for consoles, Wii U and PS4 that haven’t had an update since 2017 may experience the same problem. Of course, the brand new Sony PS5 is safe, as it is an ultra-modern gadget with all the latest technology. At the same time, all Macs, PCs and devices whose systems have not migrated beyond Windows XP or macOS 10.12. If such devices find themselves unable to browse the web, it is because of the expiry of the IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 Digital Security Certificate. It is actually an electronic device that allows to authenticate a website. In other words, when you browse, this certificate itself verifies that the visited site is trusted. It relies on encryption systems to protect all of your data, including the content of your emails.

With the IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 Certificate, your smartphone or tablet browser retrieves the security certificate of the platform you wish to consult and uses its list of certificates to judge the site’s credibility. If the latter is not trustworthy, you will receive a notification. Suddenly, as soon as this certificate expires, which authenticates multiple platforms approved by the Let’s Encrypt organization, many mobile phones will no longer be able to browse securely.

On affected devices, a message suggesting insecure communication will be displayed every time you launch a site in your browser. The good news is that the termination only affects older models of smartphones, laptops and game consoles that manufacturers no longer provide updates for. As far as the latest generation of devices that use the new ISRG Root X1 certificate, they will continue to provide access to websites under the best security conditions.

What if your mobile device is affected?

If your smartphone is one of the many mobile devices affected by the expiry of the Identity Certificate, you don’t need to be tempted. You can still access websites by installing a browser. The latter will allow you to load up and instantly play your favorite games or access any other type of content you want without having to download any online sites. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage of new communication trends and inform yourself properly. Also, due to an agreement signed between IdenTrust and Let’s Encrypt, you will not be blocked completely before 2024. This alliance gives IdenTrust time to generate new certificates to address the issue.

be careful on the internet

If you’ve followed these precautions, or if your smartphone has never been in danger, then all is well, you can continue scrolling through your favorite pages. Nevertheless, it is true that with the Internet you can work, inform yourself and fill your pocket by playing, for example, in online casinos without mobile downloads, but keep in mind that not all sites are reliable. There are. If you register on a dubious or underperforming platform, you can easily get cheated online. For example, before joining a casino’s members list, it is necessary to ensure its credibility. This is equivalent to verifying its validity. You need to ensure that it has a valid license signed by the respective jurisdictions. In France, it is the National Sports Authority (ANJ) that is authorized to grant such recognition.

You should also make sure that the operator in charge of the online no-download casino or any other site you visit has an impeccable reputation. It should not be the subject of any serious complaint. To do this, check out the various opinions and comments made by other users to learn more. Finally, remember that only sites that have implemented security measures can provide you with a safe environment so that you can access the Internet with complete peace of mind on your smartphone.

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