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The success of companies in e-commerce is what makes more than one entrepreneur a dream. And if you had ideas to draw from the successes of the 8 companies presented to you. Why not ? The challenge is yours!

1-Back Market

field of activity: refurbished equipment
Evaluation: $5.7 billion
Created in 2014 by Thibaud Hug de Larouz, Vianney Vout and Quentin Le Brouster, the French start-up is a leading market for refurbished electronic products. It is present in thirteen countries, including France, Japan, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 480 employees are present in Paris, Bordeaux, New York and Berlin.


Field of Activity: Loanssecond hand wear
Evaluation: $4.5 billion
Created in 2008 in Vilnius (Lithuania) by a country couple, Milda Mitkut and Justus Janouskas. Vinted is an online marketplace to sell, buy and trade used clothing and accessories. The company is present in 15 countries including Spain, France, Germany and Lithuania. It employs over 1,000 people who are present in Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Utrecht.


field of activity: Trading Card (NFT)
Evaluation: $4.3 billion
Created in 2018 by Adrian Montfort and Nicolas Julia, the company is a platform for the purchase and exchange of virtual football cards and payable in cryptocurrency via Ethereum. It has 177 officially licensed clubs which allows it to use official player photographs.


field of activity: market forum
Evaluation: $3.5 billion
Founded in 2012 by Philippe Corot and Adrian Nussembaum, one of its activities focuses on the e-commerce strategy of distribution companies. This e-commerce platform will have over 40,000 sellers and has established itself as a leader in market place software solutions.


field of activity: Grocery Delivery
Evaluation: $3.1 billion
Founded in 2020 by Kasson Sumner and Jörg Kattner, the Berlin-based company specializes in food delivery. The start-up which already has over 11,000 people worldwide and is physically present in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Lille and Bordeaux for France and 55 cities and nine countries including the United States in New York.


field of activity: online event sales
Evaluation: $3.0 billion
The e-commerce company (formerly has been around for a long time, but experienced an explosion in 2001 thanks to its website. Founded by the emblematic Jacques-Antoine Granjon and his 7 partners, the company employs 5,500 people and sells over 120 million products per year and has no less than 72 million customers and 4.5 million unique visitors/day.


field of activity: Grocery Delivery
VAlorization: $2.9 billion
Founded in Germany in December 2020 by Oliver Merkel, Julian Dames and Christoph Cordes, Flink deals in home delivery of groceries. Flink has over 140 distribution centers in over 60 cities and is said to have 10 million customers, with Germany and the Netherlands being its major markets.


field of activity: DIY & Gardening
Evaluation: $2.6 billion
Founded in 2011 by Philippe de Chanville and Christian Raison, the start-up is a marketplace that specializes in the fields of DIY and gardening. It will have a massive figure of 50 million unique visitors per month and 7 million subscribers. The site brings together at least 3,600 merchants and hosts 10 million references. It employs more than 550 people in six countries of Europe.

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