Do (traditional) paper business cards still have a future?

With the advancement of technology, the gadgets that come with it and the desire to protect the environment by limiting printing, the use of paper business cards is being questioned. However, some of its strengths tell us that it should last a few more years.

Almost all computer novelties today have directories for recording telephone details. They open up different perspectives in the professional field and solutions that avoid the use of traditional business cards and offer new opportunities have multiplied. If one might think that paper business cards are disappearing because of this, they still occupy a huge position among companies.

business card utility

First, we note that almost all business leaders still use paper business cards to broadcast their contact details. It is not uncommon to see them in reception areas, offices or other busy business locations that are accessible to all. but why ?

beyond the ordinary coordinate transmission equipment, it mainly serves as a communication tool and can be edited at low cost, to make itself known at low cost. This broadcast can be done anywhere and especially during commercial evenings. This saves the interlocutor having to put in a bit of effort to get the coordinates because it is enough to give it. Thus it promotes business opportunities and can be Forwarded by someone who wants to recommend you, This can allow you to remember good memories of your interlocutor when they find it and have no difficulty contacting you when you send a file.

The owner of one is also seen as a sign of professionalism. The business card remains a de facto communication tool and must be of high quality. It represents you as well as your company and even the mentions that appear there are scrutinized by the recipient of it. They can also serve as a way to stand out from competing companies, especially when they are original.

What should be included in this?

Paper business cards are often overlooked. However, this affects the image of the company. It should be of good quality and should be a wonder job. If not necessarily original, you should pay special attention to its thickness or check that the ink does not drip. So it is not necessarily a question of going for the cheapest. Otherwise, it may tarnish the image of the company. Thus it is quite difficult to visualize a professional business card on very thin paper that looks like normal paper.

This typically includes the company name, logo and address as well as the surname, first name, job, and contact details of the person holding the card. A professional business card may also include related company activity or a sentence that facilitates recall by your interlocutor.

Some people do not hesitate to leave the line for the convenience of taking notes. This is why business cards are often blank on one side. You can also add your own picture to encourage memorization, even if some people find it indecent to do so.

And finally ?

Currently occupying a very important position in the professional field, it does not seem that it will disappear anytime soon. It should therefore be thought that there are still many years ahead of it, even if it is not inconceivable that it will gradually be replaced by digital tools that will complement first and then replace after being generalized.

This generalization is far from being effective, even if some tools are used by companies and some advantages such as respect for the environment, the convenience of classifying information, disposing of it digitally or even protecting your data. Possibility to update immediately. And make it accessible to your contacts without appealing, without editing it again.

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