Digital transformation and telephony: what are the tangible advantages?

Do you still use the old telephone to make your prospecting calls?
This is a mistake and could cost you the sale. The world is changing and so is technology. It would be wrong to not be aware of the latest digital innovations. Especially since at the telephony level, new features can bring you many advantages.

Throughout this article, we’ll explain why digital transformation can boost your business if you apply it to the phone.
Then your telemarketers productivity will increase and you will find it below. Follow Us!

time saver

With simple tools like VoIP telephony, for example, benefit from your synchronized calls to save a lot of your time. This will replace you with your old calling methods, which are now out of date for a variety of reasons.
In particular, technology has taken a huge leap forward and the prospects are no longer fooled by old prospecting techniques.
While we know that in the world of work, time is often synonymous with money, owners between b2c and b2b should think carefully about these innovations and digital transformations in progress…

productivity gains

By combining time savings with productivity gains, you’ll be driving your business growth thanks to this digital transformation.
If your telemarketers (or yourself, for example) save a few seconds on each call to a potential customer in a day, they will likely receive 2 or 3 additional calls. Calls that can become prolific.

This profit is one of the most important for any business wishing to prosper. A tool that allows you to increase productivity is a tool that is urgently needed.

Last interesting benefit, if your employees feel themselves more productive then you will have no problem motivating them and giving your best during their working hours. An employee who feels confident, who optimizes both his time and his productivity, is likely to feel good within your company and therefore stay there.
For example technology and new digital inspirations have something to change the atmosphere of your company as well as inspire your troops of telemarketers!

To finish

As you have learned throughout this post, combining telephony and its business with the digital transformation of this time can greatly increase your activity. Having the latest phone trends can save you time.
Therefore this precious time is an important resource in this field of activity. In addition, to optimize all your calls, the speed of modern technologies will also make you more productive.
This means that you will benefit from better returns.
Now you know why it would be interesting to you to be aware of the new digital changes and why they will be a big boost to your company and the world of telephony in general…

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