Digital, how to use it wisely?

Digital is ubiquitous. However, it comes with its own concerns and risks including dependency and isolation, unreliability. This raises the issue of protecting personal data. Digital surely offers freedom and openness to the users. They have a tendency to hide dangers. Thus, they forget to disconnect when they feel the need to do so. Pay attention to the implications of digital.

“Observatory of Digital Uses” OpinionWay, produced by Orange, interviewed 11,800 people in 9 countries around the world (France, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Ivory Coast, South Korea) and therefore the respondents The number one gives. Accurate view of digital usage. According to Beatrice Mandine, Executive Director Communications and Brand Orange, the aim is “Understand these mechanisms better, understand them better and contribute to collective thinking. The digital revolution is a tremendous opportunity for economic and social development, affecting our lifestyle and consumption patterns around the world. ,

Always with my smartphone!

They have become inseparable from their smartphones and the results are clear: almost 53% in Western countries (52% in France), and even more in the African region (81% in Côte d’Ivoire) or in South Korea (62%). Smartphones are consulted at least once per hour by more than half of users. This creates a clear dependency for all to see. Furthermore, this addiction is reinforced by the need for constant access to all activities of daily living, both personal and professional.

Always be aware of the benefits and risks!

The time savings is obvious. That’s why users accept risks including losing focus. But users add an interesting fact that emotional and personal benefits. Communication with loved ones is still a very strong medium to use.

Always concerned about the security of personal data

As far as barriers to the use of digital technology are concerned, in France the concern about the protection of personal data comes first. It is more in senior citizens. Similarly, many users (France and Spain also have a lot of users with more than 80%) claim to be aware of the digital traces they leave on the Internet. Since the implementation of GDPR in Europe in 2018 and various scams involving web giants, digital users are concerned about the security of their personal data. This issue, shared across countries, is one of the main barriers related to digital tools.

There are growing concerns about the risk of personal data breaches. These marks cause concern for about 72% of users in France, Spain, but also in Morocco and Egypt. Anglo-Saxon countries are slightly less concerned (61% in the United Kingdom and 59% in the United States).

Disconnecting, is it a mirage?

Yes, there is a need to be different…but a challenge to achieve. Across all countries, more than 8 out of 10 users say they feel the need to disconnect. However, a large proportion (between 20% and 30%) do not see how to implement this disconnection. Some users want to be in constant contact for different reasons, but are also afraid of losing them if they do not respond to messages immediately: this represents 9% of French digital users. This finding suggests that the disconnect is not definitive. Proof of this is the fact that a large number of users say that they would return home if they forgot their smartphone right there!

Admittedly, users apply the most diverse strategies to limit their smartphone use (putting their phone on silent mode, instituting phone-free moments, uninstalling certain applications, etc.), but they Far from being effective for health. their well-being

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