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Advertising is an excellent communication tool for any company. Whether broadcast on the street, on the radio or on television, on social networks, it aims to deliver a strong message to consumers. Today, the paper press is no longer the only channel, readers, listeners, viewers … have naturally turned to the web and the way they experience advertising has changed. Advertising is therefore forced to adapt to attract the attention of Internet users, who may be quickly offended by its aggressive side and for it to recognize the expectations and needs that arise from new ways of living and working. actual ability to do so. With the advent of the Internet, codes have changed! the explanation.

Choose the best performing format for your industry.

There are various ad formats on the Internet: banners, editorial content, pop-ups or videos. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages. So it is important for you to choose the most optimized format. Editorial advertising is the simplest and cheapest form of production. This includes writing an article highlighting your products or services that you will publish on your website or other sites or blogs. This ad format still has the disadvantage of not playing on the sentimental taunts of your consumer. To increase the chances of seducing your prospect, use banners. This type of advertising allows you to create content that is more aesthetic and personal than simple text. Although Internet users were attentive to its form when it was created in 1994, the banner is less and less attractive today as it is considered intrusive. It seems that the video format is most appreciated by internet users. It allows you to play on the creative side. The only drawback, and not least, is its price, which is very high compared to other formats.

Embrace the right message.

The content has to be as good as it needs to be for your ad to be successful. Take care of your grip! With Internet users being a lot more volatile on the Internet than in other media, you should challenge them in a few seconds using your title. Choose a baseline that is short and understandable at a glance. Many brands choose this trick, such as the Seb brand, titled “Apple, it’s good! ยป or the famous “Just do it” from Nike. Keep them as long as possible with a pitch that sets you apart from existing ads. Use humor, which is highly valued by consumers. Besides helping to be remembered, laughter is easily shared on the Internet, and especially on social networks. This will increase your visibility to potential buyers. Volkswagen took this notion into account in an ad for its Passat car. The campaign featured a child dressed in Darth Vader trying to move objects from a distance. Of course, he can’t do it, except that his Let dad’s car start automatically! The ad highlights one feature of the car: remote start via remote control. This ad, posted on YouTube, has garnered over 40 million views in just a few days. Your speech The Internet supports this strategy because your potential in one click Can’t be a customer!

Focus on interactivity with the user.

Involve consumers to differentiate themselves from print, TV or radio ads. Conducting interactive communication campaigns. The most famous campaign is that of the Tip-X brand, entitled “A hunter kills a bear”, in which a hunter was attacked by a bear. When the Predator is ready to pull the trigger, the image freezes and we see him take out a “tip-x” to correct the word “shoot” at the top of the video. The Internet user can then type the action they want, the end of the video featuring the chosen action. This ad campaign posted on YouTube has garnered over 20 million views! The interactivity with the Internet user is not limited to the video format only. Animated advertising banners can also contribute to the consumer for the most part in game form. This is the case, for example, of the first interactive banner created for Hewlett Packard, which offered Internet users the opportunity to play a game of ping. -Pong.

Bypass ad blockers.

To avoid the onslaught of advertising, Internet users often download ad blockers. Adblock Plus software is one example of many. According to statistics, this software will filter 5 to 6% of ads on websites. Some browsers also offer to block pop-ups in their settings. Same is the case with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Internet sites have found a solution to this ad barrier: their content doesn’t show if the person behind their screen doesn’t activate the pop-up manually. Your ad can be as creative as possible, if it is blocked, its impact on the consumer will be zero. Software has come out to deal with this. For example, the AdnBlock software has already disabled over 2.7 million ad blockers. Installing this software on your website is an effective way to make your ad visible. Aside from a simple blocking, AdnBlock encourages companies that use it to show genuine pedagogy with Internet users who don’t understand the economic stakes of broadcasting ads for a company.

Prefer multi-channel presence.

The web is not just about websites! To be most effective, your ad needs to run on different channels. Search engines are essential tools for this spread. The 28th e-pub observatory conducted by SRI, firm Oliver Wyman and UDECAM analyzed the growth of the digital advertising market in the first half of 2022. The digital advertising market reached EUR 4.3 billion. In the first half of 2022, the e-pub market registered a growth of 19% compared to 2021.

  • +20% for search : This H1 2022 represents 43% of the market, i.e. 1.850 billion euros.
  • +27% for social, which represents 28% of the market, or 1.217 billion euros. The growth of social is largely due to the reach of video and the success of TikTok.
  • +21% for performance : it represents 19% (820 million euros) of the market.

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