Deploy your brand image: Anti-disappointment strategy:

In these extremely stressful economic times, most leaders turn cautious. Yet this is the right time to differentiate yourself by strengthening your communication functions that will allow you to increase your visibility and deploy a solid, credible and confident brand image.

Today, we have devices at our fingertips that allow us to do everything imaginable. But meditation fantasies do not mean incompatibility. The graphic charter is the compass of communication. never forget to mention

role of media

Your communication channels should not only inform, but also express your company’s uniqueness, characterize and explain the goals. There is no “small mark”. Whether you are an SME, VSE or a consultant in the B2B or B2C sector, whether you sell cosmetics, automotive engineering or legal advice, your brand identity is your primary information support for your customers. So you have to take it very seriously. It lays out the objective and subjective elements that will make the difference when making contact and then during purchase, and will help you maintain your selling price. A solid brand image reassures prospects and facilitates business action.

Brand Image: Study Each Medium Carefully

The choice of logotype, signature, graphic charter, editorial content, photographs or illustrations all contribute to your perceived value to your goals. Well designed, your identity should reinforce your company’s influence and credibility with your customers and your partners. Monitor your markets regularly to assess your position in relation to the competition.

Approach to communication vectors

Take the time to identify all of your brand’s communication vectors and make sure they are consistent. Review your graphic charter and all of your communication channels:

  • business cards, sales brochures,
  • Flyers, Website,
  • E-mail,
  • social media pages,
  • sales pitches and presentations,
  • Without forgetting the models of quotes, invoices, reports…

You have to examine their consistency and ask yourself different questions: Do they project an image of excellence? Are they in line with your vision and the image you want to project? Make demands, track down the slightest imperfection and don’t neglect any detail. Your interlocutors will be sensitive to this, especially if it is not common in your area.

a picture for leaders

If you are independent, consultant, liberal profession, manager, do not neglect your portrait. Along with your logotype, it should be present and consistent across all your communication channels, especially social networks. Every opportunity for contact is important. Invest in your brand image and call a professional photographer who knows how to highlight you according to your objectives and your field of activity.

A professional, short and dynamic corporate video can also be an effective investment in reinforcing your message and gaining impact.

from necessity to desire

Prior to reasoned discourse, appeal to emotion, whether through humor, aesthetics, or the human, to touch your interlocutors. This is a powerful factor in recall, fostering the attractiveness of your messages and the relationship with your brand. In mass consumption, brands such as Michel et Augustin have been able to position themselves as a break with the usual codes and emerge in a crowded field. Apple makes very strong associations with its brand and its products. Whatever your business, think of ways to stand out, strengthen relationships with your customers, and build relationships with your company.

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