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The crowdlending platform makes it possible to lend money (crowdfunding by loan) to individuals or companies, which will be reimbursed with interest between 4 and 9%. Crowdlanding represents a solution to invest your money and help the company grow.

What is Crowdfunding?

Through the web platform, which connects companies and contributors and manages the transfer of funds against a commission, it is possible for companies to grow their business. Due to their notoriety, these websites are able to attract lenders and hence broaden the scope of financing possibilities. Some companies or project leaders are unable to achieve this through traditional banking organizations and thanks to their success on crowdfunding platforms to obtain loans from investors.

Which are the most reputed loan platforms?

Babylon: First European site for Solidarity microcredit. The borrower decides the loan amount and receives monthly repayment once the project is fully funded.

hi thanks: Platform for loans between individuals from € 200 to € 10,000. To be repaid over a period of 1 month to 36 months, with an interest rate of 0%.

Microworld: Solidarity micro-credit platform for the fight against poverty and the development of the local economy. Already 9 countries supported and more than 3000 funded projects. With a minimum amount of €20, individuals, professionals and foundations can support micro-entrepreneur projects around the world.

Kunvik , Microcredit platform that provides financial support for solidarity projects around the world. About 3 billion people live on less than $2 a day.

Investment Book: The first crowdfunding platform dedicated to corporate investments by subscribing to bonds. This platform, approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, offers investments from €1,000 per person and per project. These financial investments allow for high profitability due to the rate of interest ranging between 6% and 10% per annum.

Bolden: Crowdfunding platform that allows you to lend money to project leaders from 100 euros. It is possible to ask Bolden to invest our money for us by investing in an “investor pack”, on our terms. Lastly, Bolden offers a win-win sponsorship system that allows both the godson and the godfathers to earn 30 euros during the godson’s first investment of a minimum amount of 250 euros.

October (Lendix): Platform that allows you to lend money to companies – from 20 euros – and to earn interest from 4 to 9%. October also offers a sponsorship system, which allows the godfather and godson to earn 20 euros when the godson has supplemented their account with a minimum of 500 euros.

WeShare Bonds: Crowdfunding platform through loans. It is possible to lend money from 50 euros to companies with interest rates ranging from 4 to 10%, depending on the project. The loan is usually repaid on a monthly basis.

smart angels , Crowdfunding site that allows you to invest money in start-ups and SMEs from 1000 euros. Investing in a company through the SmartAngels site makes it possible to become a shareholder in the company and hold securities directly.

Smartangels announced in November 2018 that it was stopping its crowdfunding activity

United Credit (by federal loan) : The first personal credit platform in France. Borrowers are carefully chosen, and investors can earn a gross return of 4-9% per year.

We do well: Crowdfunding platform in royalty. Each investor can invest from 10 Euros in a project of their choice. If the fundraising amount for the project is reached, the investor receives a royalty, ie a percentage of the company’s turnover, every quarter for 5 years.

Lendopolis , Crowdfunding platform through loans on which we can participate in financing the development of projects on renewable energy, real estate projects, companies. The initial loan amount ranges from 20 euros, over a period of between 2 and 5 years and yields between 3 and 10.5% per annum of gross interest.

pretup , Crowdfunding platform that allows you to lend money to finance SME projects with an average interest rate of no more than 8% from a minimum of 20 euros.

Prefix: Crowdfunding platform through loans. At Prexem we can lend money to SMEs to help them finance their project, in return we can expect to receive up to 10% interest. To invest in Prexem you need to deposit at least 100 euros on the platform, and at least 20 euros when supporting a project.

my options: Crowdfunding platform that allows you to lend money to companies to finance their projects with as little as 50 euros and whose interest rates range between 4 and 12% per annum.

Landosphere: Crowdfunding platform specializing in green energy projects such as photovoltaic or wind farms. The minimum amount to invest in Lendosphere is 50 Euros with interest rates ranging from 4 to 7% over a period of 18 to 60 months.

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