Business plan: how to be successful?

An important stage in the life of an entrepreneur, the business plan makes it possible to formalize and elaborate his project point by point. The business plan, even though it is sometimes criticized, remains more than an endorsement for the banker or investors. It is a real management tool at the service of the business manager.

a compelling presentation

In addition to the summary at the beginning of the business plan, which should be striking, especially in terms of each word choice, you should generally make sure that your business plan is sexy. It should be structured so that it is enjoyable to read and that the reader can easily find their way around and find the information that seems most relevant to them.

Some sections, which are sometimes indigestible, deserve more space in the appendices than in the traditional parts of a business plan. For it to be successful, it must include all the elements that may be necessary. Contrary to what one might think, the presentation of project leaders is crucial because most investors recognize that the team is often the key to a project’s success. Another important point, this part allows you to clearly define the distribution of roles with your partners. Writing with rigor, the business plan therefore gives you the opportunity to discuss with them and know the wishes of each and not to ignore delicate situations.

It should be noted that the strategic points that should appear in your business plan are: market research, the project and its correspondence with it, the team, your strategy of entering the market (this is often plus originality) and financial forecasting .

business plan cost

It is based on the identification of indicators that are relevant and specific to the company’s activity. The scenario method is particularly suitable for start-ups and young companies, which tend to develop in an environment of uncertainty. This will allow you to estimate several situations and see which one is closest to your reality.

The cost of several scenarios takes into account the possibility of affecting the environment and the market of the company in the short and medium term: changes in regulations, bankruptcy of a supplier, bankruptcy of a customer, appearance of a competitor, …

I recommend costing three scenarios:

This scenario is one that matches your aspirations. You are sure of your future success and good luck!

At the same time, it is necessary to develop a scenario taking into account the market reaction, which is often less “advance” than your aspirations.

  • A pessimistic scenario:

Eventually, your project will go deeper with the development of a more pessimistic scenario. Your key financial negotiators will appreciate your ability to anticipate potential threats and be convinced by your presentation of scenarios that respond and your ability to adapt to these threats. You will be able to take unexpected measures calmly.

The scenario development stage will be an important factor in the future success of your activity.

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