Building a SASU | Mandatory Documents in 2022

Like any company, the creation of a SASU requires the formation of a file to be filed with the Registry of the Commercial Court. It involves bringing together a number of mandatory and optional documents. So what are these documents to provide to SASU?

Documents to be provided to the Registry for the creation of SASU

There are several documents required to form a SASU and it is important to check that you have gathered them all before submitting your file to the registry.


Written yourself, with the help of an attorney or legal tech, SASU’s statutes are an essential document to provide to the Registry. And for good reason, they are what lay the foundation of your company. Their drafting should be the subject of special attention especially for corporate purpose. Don’t hesitate to consult our model of SASU Methods or our model of SASU with Variable Capital to help you! You must file a copy of Truth attested by the manager.


If the name is not mentioned in the Articles of Association, you will also need to provide the details of the appointment of the President.


To register your SASU, you need to provide an M0 form which contains information about your company such as its address and date of commencement of activity. This form should be filled in 2 copies dated and signed by the Manager.

You must also provide the DBE, a declaration of beneficial owners of a company. In a SASU, you should in principle be the sole beneficiary, except in the case of a fission of shares. Be careful, forgetting to do this will put your SASU build file on hold!

In the case of creating a website, it is also necessary to complete the declaration form related to the domain name, or NDI. Thank you for completing after checking its availability for pre-art search at INPI! Just like M0, it is submitted in duplicate.

Supporting Documents at SASU

Of course, to form a company, it is necessary to show white claws to the administration. That is why there is a list of supporting documents for SASU. It includes:

  • A copy of the certificate of publication in JAL (Journal of Legal Announcement) or SHAL (Authorized endorsement to receive legal declaration);
  • A copy of the identity document of the president and managers (identity card, passport or residence permit);
  • Swearing-in Statement of Non-guilty and Filiation;
  • Proof of residency on campus for SASU’s domicile address;
  • Share subscriber list.

Other documents to provide for the creation of SASU

Other documents can be requested for registration of SASU. This mainly pertains to the type of contribution you can make. You may need to provide:

  • A fund custodian certificate in case of cash contribution. You collect it from the bank in which you opened the account and pay the share capital of the SASU;
  • Contribution auditor’s report in case contributions exceed €30,000 or more than half of the share capital.

In the context of a regulated activity, the Registry will also ask you for proof of authorization to exercise your activity. It has been added to the (already long) list of documents for the creation of SASU. It could be for example:

  • A copy of the IV license;
  • a diploma;
  • an approval issued by the Prefecture or the General Council;
  • A copy of the registration with a professional order such as a Chartered Accountant, Architect or Pharmacist;
  • and any other document that proves your right to practice!

Lastly, if you form a SASU to perform an operation relating to goodwill, you will need to provide, depending on the situation:

  • Copy of purchase deed registered with SIE and certificate of publication in JAL;
  • A copy of the deed of contribution of goodwill registered with SIE and certificate of its publication in JAL;
  • A copy of the lease-management agreement and a certificate of its publication in JAL;
  • OR A copy of the Mandate Management Agreement and a certificate of its publication in JAL.

Summary table of documents required to form SASU

document compulsory/optional
Methods Mandatory
act of appointment of the president Mandatory if methods do not have name
Form M0 Mandatory
DBE Mandatory
NDI Alternative
JAL Publication Certificate Mandatory
President’s identity document Mandatory
manager id Mandatory
declaration of non-guilty Mandatory
Share subscriber list Mandatory
Fund Custodian Certificate Mandatory for cash contribution
Contribution Auditor’s Report Mandatory for such contribution
proof of authorization to practice Mandatory for regulated businesses
Copy of Act on Operations relating to Goodwill + JAL Certificate mandatory if applicable

questions to ask

What documents should be provided to the registry for opening a SASU?

To open your SASU, you must first provide your company’s articles of association, form (M0, DBE, NDI) and supporting documents such as a copy of the certificate of publication in JAL or SHAL, along with proof of identity to the Registry. Affidavit of non-culpability and affiliation, proof of possession of premises and list of clients for shares.

Can we declare SASU alone?

Yes, it is quite possible to do your procedures directly from the online counter or call legal experts on legal technology like LegalPlace or LegalStart.

How much does it cost to build a SASU?

Several elements must be taken into account to estimate the cost of building a SASU. To give you an idea, we usually calculate 400€ to make a SASU. This amount includes the cost of publicity and the Registry of the Commercial Court. If you want to stay with a legal professional, you need to add share capital and fees.

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