Best Corporate April Fools of 2018 – 2019 – 2020

In order to inspire you with pranks and jokes on April 1, 2021, Dynamic has selected for you the best April Fools 2018 – 2019- 2020, find the tops and bottoms of April Fools’ flops ,

The Best Corporate April Fools of 2018

François Hollande, New CEO of Disneyland Paris

The information comes from the Disneyland group itself, an official press release was issued on the Internet. Later, the former President of the Republic declared: I’ve always loved the universe shared by Disneyland Paris. When I visit Parisian Park, I especially love taking a ride in one of the cars at the Autosia attraction. To verify the authenticity of the fraud, we next meet on 1 May, the announced date of his taking over.

Burger King innovates

On March 30, Burger King announced the Chocolate Whopper. Ingredients: Blood oranges in the form of chocolate bread and steak, white chocolate onions, raspberry coulis ketchup, and tomatoes. A vanilla icing in sauce form, the flagship sandwich of the American conglomerate, has been rediscovered for Easter. It was an April Fools’ joke, we were still scared.

Tesla Bankrupt…

“Tesla went bankrupt. Palo Alto, Calif., April 1, 2018 — Despite intense fundraising efforts, including the massive ‘Last Chance’ sale of Easter eggs, we’re sad to report that Tesla is completely More completely bankrupt than you can imagine. Elon Musk has a very personal humor for declaring the bankruptcy of his empire. We must hope for him that this is not foreshadowing, so we will appreciate the irony of fate.

…but that made it possible to find travelers from elsewhere

“The dummy on the Tesla, filming the camera ‘Spaceman’, noticed a strange speck on the windshield that looked like an insect in every way.” it’s from this hat that science and the future Big news announced. The car sent into space by Elon Musk passed an intermission in the middle of space, yesterday different hypotheses were being studied … Are they still there today? is unlikely.

Porsche launches in agricultural vehicle

A Porsche Tractor, Electric, 700 Horsepower! enough is enough !

Who stole the blue chairs on the Promenade des Anglais?

Nice transfers a battalion of gendarmes to find his blue chairs. People are eagerly waiting for his return. , The people of the Cote d’Azur could not believe their eyes: the famous blue chairs, the true identity of the Nice coast, had disappeared. They have been replaced with obscene pieces of yellow plastic. It was only this morning that the municipality announced that it had received the symbols.

Don’t Find Yourself a Wire in April

Next Tuesday, it will be – 20 degrees in Nancy, 12 degrees in Cotentin, 13 degrees in Lille, Nantes and Paris, 4 degrees in Marseille. just that. Be careful though, even on the LCI, the weather is often deceptive. Then, it’s already freezing cold at the moment. We’re told the height of summer in Paris, but goodbye Paris beaches, goodbye romantic walks, barrier gestures are the No. 1 accessory to dating in a new way.

Google Helps You Find the Right Hummus!

On April 1, 2018, Google, which has never been short of ideas, found the answers to thousands of people, some of whom are friends of mine, asking the same question: What’s the best hummus? For all these people Google Cloud Hummus API is going to be our best friend. Concept ? All you have to do is place a sensor under your tongue, and the web giant instantly locates the address that tastes the hummus best suited to your palate. GOOGLE, thank you infinitely! Seriously, keep working on it.

The Best Corporate April Fools of 2019

The Guard Gendarmerie

The Guard Gendarmerie announced on 1 April that “In addition to the classic dog teams, the Gendarmerie of Bagnoles sur Seiz recently equipped itself with a hen specialized in drug detection”, Baptized STUPS, it would have been “trained for 10 weeks at the National Training Center in Galenese”. Why not !

RATP’s April Fools’ Day: Paris Metro Stations Changed

On 1st April 2019, RATP April Fool’s Day was another successful joke. Inside trains and in a dozen subway stations, celestial decorations on the theme of travel replaced advertising posters and offered an “impregnable sky view” with porthole trains on lines 9 and 14.

Paris Metro users can thus take selfies they sent their loved ones, pretending they had gone on a whim, or share their photo on the network with the hashtag #StationdAvril.

The Best Corporate April Fools of 2020

Chambord Castle

From fantasy to reality for a year, we have become accustomed to new realities and now nothing surprises us. Since the beginning of imprisonment, we have seen posts flourishing on social networks where “nature takes back its rights”. In particular, we see wild animals photographed in urban areas. Chambord Castle Decided to ride the trend by posting a tweet featuring a unicorn, which was reportedly spotted on the grounds of the palace.

April Fool’s Day announced by Le Canard Enchane

Le Canard Enchaîné, meanwhile, 1 . announces the postponement ofer 1st of April 2020er April 2021. We were only at the beginning of the pandemic. We wonder what the chained duck will give us in 2021. We are waiting…

April Fools 2021 by Pringles


On April 1, 2021, the renowned Pringles brand is introducing a unique and limited-edition collection of lip balms. Fans will be able to hydrate their lips with a dash of salt and vinegar, as well as sour cream and a bit of onion flavor.

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